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Is it a Crime to Spread HIV on Purpose in Michigan?

  HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, which is the virus that, if not treated, can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. Unlike with other viruses, you can never get rid of it completely, so once you contract HIV, you have it for life. That’s one important reason why it’s considered such a big […]

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Wrongful Convictions Get Overturned, But The Horrors of Prison Life Live on!

  There has been a distinct rise in the number of wrongfully convicted people released from Michigan prisons in recent years. Between the efforts of U of M’s Innocence Clinic, WMU’s Cooley Law School Innocence Project, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, great strides have been made towards righting the wrongs of the […]

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Is It Still Resisting Arrest If I Shouldn’t Have Been Arrested?

  Picture this: You’re sitting around in your living room, reading the paper while your kids watch some goofy show on TV. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. You get up, wondering who it is and what they want. Looking through the glass in your front door, you see it’s the cops, and you […]

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In Michigan, You Don’t Have to Actually Hurt a Child to be Charged With Child Abuse!

  When you think of child abuse, you tend to think of the more horrific versions – beatings that leave marks, cigarette burns, and broken bones. However, the term “child abuse” includes a lot more than just violent physical abuse. There’s emotional (sometimes called mental or psychological abuse), sexual abuse, and even neglect that all […]

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Oh no! I’ve Been Arrested in Michigan! What Happens Now? (Part 2)

  Welcome back and thanks for joining The Kronzek Firm again for this discussion about what to expect after you get arrested in Michigan. As we mentioned in the previous article, being arrested is a scary process, especially if it’s your first time and you have no idea what to expect. So we’re trying to […]

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Oh no! I’ve Been Arrested in Michigan! What Happens Now? (Part 1)

  Being arrested is a scary experience, especially if this is your first time. We’ve met with hundreds, maybe thousands of clients over the decades who are terrified and have no idea what to expect once they get to jail. If we had a dollar for every time a frightened person asked one of us […]

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Sometimes Being Arrested Works Out For The Best (Pt. 2)

  Welcome back and thanks for joining The Kronzek Firm for this informative and uplifting look at how jail time (or a prison sentence) can sometimes mean a new lease on life. As we mentioned in the previous article, being convicted of a crime is a terrible experience for anyone, and one that we recommend […]

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Sometimes Being Arrested Works Out For The Best (Pt. 1)

  Ever heard the saying, ‘A blessing disguised as a curse’? No? It means something that seems terrible, but ends up being good for you. It may seem like a weird concept, but believe it or not, sometimes a bad thing ends up being a good thing. And in this case, the ‘bad thing’ we’re […]

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Genesee County’s “Fake Cops” Facing Felony Charges

  Every now and then you see someone posing as a cop as part of the story line in a TV show or movie. They get a costume, flash a fake badge, and get the information they need before disappearing off to do other things. There are never any repercussions. No one ever comes after […]

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Confused About Motor Vehicle Crimes in Michigan? Let’s take a look. (Pt 2)

  Welcome back and thanks for joining us here at The Kronzek Firm for this second part of our discussion on motor vehicle crimes. Because the title is a little vague, and numerous different crimes fall under the umbrella of ‘motor vehicle crimes‘ in Michigan, we thought we’d take a minute to clear this up […]

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