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Lansing Criminal Defense Lawyer


Lansing Police MotorcycleWhether you are being investigated by the Michigan State Police Department, the Lansing Police Department, the Ingham County Sheriff department, or one of the numerous Homeland Security divisions such as the FBI or DEA, we can help.

The Kronzek Firm provides on call attorneys 24/7 and defend against every type of criminal allegation.  We have the expertise to deal with any felony or misdemeanor case.

We have attorneys familiar with state and federal courts throughout Michigan.  We have extensive paralegal and legal research staff and approximately 100 years of combined courtroom experience.  If you need the assistance of a highly rated criminal defense attorney, feel free to contact us online or call (517) 886-1000 for an appointment.

Lansing Assault Attorney

Assault cases are one of the most common types of prosecution in Lansing courts. ¬†When handled by a skilled trial attorney, a substantial portion of assault cases should end with acquittals, dismissals and reduced charges. ¬†At The Kronzek Firm, that has been the experience of our trial attorneys. ¬†We have won many, many assault cases including criminal charges of assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon and homicide. ¬†If you are facing charges in any of the Court’s in Lansing, East Lansing or Mason, Michigan, we can help.

Lansing Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

Lansing Drug Crime DefenseThe Kronzek Firm attorneys have been successfully defending drug crimes in Michigan for 20 years.  While we practice throughout Michigan, our main office has always been in Lansing.  We are very familiar with the judges and the courts in Mid-Michigan.  The effective defense of drug crimes often involves the suppression of evidence based on violation of your constitutional rights by police.

It is important to have an attorney who understands how to challenge the evidence that has been gathered against you. ¬†Many people believe that drug enforcement officers trample on their rights when they make arrests, search vehicles and homes and make promises that they don’t keep. ¬†Many criminal defense attorneys are ineffective at challenging these abuses in court.

You should be working with a criminal defense attorney that is prepared to defend your rights in court.  Courts often seem like hostile territory to criminal defendants.  An effective and professional attorney will make the difference.  We offer free consultations to our clients so that they can examine for themselves the difference that personal attention and professionalism can make.

Lansing Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

The Kronzek Firm is fortunate to have a number of attorneys who have tried and won jury trials in criminal sexual conduct cases. ¬†Over the years, we have heard the words “not guilty” spoken by jury forepersons many times. ¬†The depth of experience that we bring to courtroom when we sit down a counsel table with our client makes a substantial difference. ¬†Our long list of amazing results includes charges of:

  • 1st degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • 2nd degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • 3rd degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • 4th degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • Child Sexually Abusive Materials
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Sexually Delinquent Person
  • Enticing a Minor for Immoral Purposes
  • “Peeping Tom” or Voyerurism
  • Solicitation
  • Kidnapping
  • Use of a Computer in the Commission of a Crime

Our philosophy in defending these crimes makes us committed to the following:

  • We will maintain strict confidentiality and protect your privacy.
  • We will work closely with you in our quest to get you the result you are looking for.
  • We will always show you respect and courtesy.
  • We will leave no stone unturned in your defense.
  • We will listen to your thoughts and share our experience with you.

If this sounds like the type of attorney-client relationship you are looking for, you can contact us for a free and strictly confidential Consultation.

Lansing Theft, Fraud and Property Crime Lawyers

Our experience handling embezzlement, fraud, racketeering, and false pretenses makes uniquely qualified to handle any economic or property crime in state and federal courts in Michigan.  We have defended numerous cases where the dollar amount of the alleged embezzlement exceeded one million dollars.  We have also defended numerous misdemeanor cases with much smaller amounts being alleged.  We have defended cases in court and out of court.  Our attorneys have the necessary training and experience to deal with complicated defalcation and cash management procedures audits.

Strictly Confidential Consultations

You are involved in a criminal investigation and you need to know that your consultation is confidential. ¬†We understand. ¬†Everything you tell us will be treated with the utmost professionalism. ¬†We want to assure you that when you contact us online or call us for an initial consult, nothing you tell us will be repeated outside of our office. ¬†Many of our cases involve highly sensitive facts. ¬†These include facts that could have a negative impact on a marriage, a career or a client’s freedom. ¬†Rest assured. ¬†You can have a consultation with an experienced trial attorney without concern that we will judge you or violate the trust you place in us.

You Need Help

If you are reading this page, it probably means that you need the help of a professional Lansing criminal defense firm. ¬†We have helped many people facing criminal charges in Lansing, Ingham County and throughout Michigan. ¬†We may well have helped people that you know. ¬†If you need us, we are available. ¬†We answer phones 24/ 7. ¬†We do consultations in our office and in our client’s homes 7 days a week. ¬†We do jail appointments when needed.

CALL (517) 886-1000

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