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Are Private Investigators Worth It For Criminal Defense?

There are times in your case where it may be wise to use a Private Investigator. When we defend clients, whether it is in Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, or anywhere else in Michigan, we give clients the option to use private investigators in their case.

Whenever possible, the investigation by your defense team should be as thorough as the prosecutor’s investigation. In a criminal case, the prosecuting attorney diligently looks for incriminating evidence in order to convict you. It is equally important that your criminal defense team explore all the strategies it can to uncover exculpatory evidence that will help to clear you. The goal of your criminal defense team is to work toward getting you acquitted of the charges that are being brought against you.

This criminal defense investigation can take several forms. Typically, a criminal defense lawyer will obtain the investigative (police) report of the alleged criminal incident from the police right away. However, it also may be necessary to find and interview witnesses or gather additional evidence. At that point, the criminal defense team may bring in a private investigator whose role becomes to find witnesses and evidence that will aid your defense team in its work to get you acquitted. Private investigators are sometimes called private detectives. In Michigan, they are almost always required to be licensed by the state.

The private investigator can use several methods to strengthen the defendant’s case. When a criminal defense attorney utilizes a private investigator, that investigator will speak with the attorney to make sure that the specific criminal charges and applicable statutes are clearly understood. After that, the private investigator will usually review all the evidence readily available. This evidence includes police reports, photographs, and written statements about the case. Normally, the private investigator is looking for “holes” or “gaps” in the body of evidence—physical or verbal information which seems to be missing–or for inconsistencies in the evidence or in the conclusions prosecutors are drawing from the evidence. The investigator will work with the trial lawyer to explore options and methods of investigation.

Sometimes, the private investigator will also examine the crime scene to see if anything was overlooked. And, of course, the private investigator will often interview witnesses to double-check the details and consistency of their stories or to gather additional information. The private investigator may also determine if there were potential witnesses not interviewed by the police or prosecutor.

Such inconsistencies and additional details or witness accounts may be used effectively in the client’s defense. Thus, the private investigator can be an invaluable member of a skilled criminal defense team. While the private investigator conducts an extensive exploration and analysis of evidence and witnesses, the defense attorneys can focus on the court strategies and procedures.

At The Kronzek Firm, we hire only the most skilled and knowledgeable private investigators for your criminal defense team. They are thorough and aggressive in their discovery of any and all information that will improve the chances of a favorable outcome in your case. Our investigators come from police backgrounds. Most of them have decades of experience investigating criminal cases. They coordinate well with our team of tough Michigan criminal defense lawyers.

You can reach our attorneys by calling 1-866-766-5245 or through e-mail. Our phones are answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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