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Grand Rapids CPS Defense Attorneys

Are you dealing with Children’s Protective Services in or near Grand Rapids, MI / Kent County? 

The Kronzek Firm is a highly experienced and well-respected Michigan team of attorneys that fights for parents that are involved with (CPS) Children’s Protective Services. We fight to keep your children in your life and CPS out of your life.

Over the decades, our attorneys have helped parents in Kent County, Montcalm County, Ionia County, Barry County, Allegan County, Ottawa County, Muskegon County, and Newaygo County CPS cases.

The Grand Rapids CPS attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have been successfully defending against CPS allegations around Kent County, Michigan courts since the last century. 

Contact information for Grand Rapids Department of Health & Human Services (Children’s Protective Services):

Address: 121 Franklin St, S.E. Suite #200, Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Hours: Monday – Friday; 7:30am – 5:00pm

Phone: (616) 248-1000

Experienced Grand Rapids CPS Defense Attorneys Aggressively Fighting To Keep Families Together!

When wrongfully accused of child abuse or child neglect, it’s essential to hire an aggressive child abuse defense lawyer very quickly. The laws surrounding these cases are extremely complicated, and CPS has its own professionals to help them in court.

hammer weighing scale courtTo protect your family, you need to find an attorney you trust to not only help you navigate these laws, but to fight back against CPS.

At The Kronzek Firm, we defend our clients against CPS every day. We have successfully handled cases in and around Grand Rapids, Kent County are the surrounding counties for decades.

Once CPS takes you to into the courtroom, they will do everything in their power to win. They are intrusive, intimidating, controlling, hostile, and overwhelming. We have decades of experience fighting CPS allegations throughout Grand Rapids and all over West Michigan. We have stood our ground against CPS and won. We can help you. Let’s protect your family together. 

Lawyer Up!

When you have contact with CPS, it’s important to remember that your lawyer is the best resource you have. From the moment that you have first contact with CPS, you’ll see that they’re prepared. You will feel that you’re at a disadvantage when you see CPS with their experts, resources, and experience.

Most everyone that goes up against them is entering uncharted territory. Even if they have experience with CPS, they seek the help of someone who knows how to navigate the legal minefield that is the CPS process. Getting the right lawyer on your side is essential.

From the beginning of your case, you should have a lawyer on your side who has gone up against CPS before.

Whether it starts at the Child Advocacy Center, Care House, or Small Talk, a lawyer can help you navigate the hazards that CPS forces you into.

On your own, one wrong step can result in losing custody of your children, have your parental rights terminated, or have you sent to jail for child abuse. With a lawyer, you can keep custody of your children, retain your parental rights, and stay out of jail. 

The Kronzek Firm has been defending clients and their families from CPS for decades. Few firms have as much experience dealing with CPS as we do. Just as the CPS is ready for anything you throw at them, we are ready for anything CPS throws at us.

No matter what obstacles are put in your path, we are prepared to confront them as your attorneys. We have seen them all before.

Once you contact us, it is our mission to keep your family together and to protect you from the hazards of your case. Both inside and outside the courtroom.

Our Grand Rapids CPS Attorneys have many years of experience delivering successful outcomes to families including the following:

  • Child Abuse
  • Child Neglect
  • Munchausen Syndrome
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Sexual Allegations
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Taking Over Cases from Court-Appointed Attorneys
  • Forensic Interviews
  • Cases on Appeal

Consult With A Trusted Grand Rapids CPS Lawyer

There are so many reasons why Grand Rapids residents involved in Child Protective cases seek the expertise of the tough CPS defense team at The Kronzek Firm. Probably the most important reason is our success and reputation. 

The strengths listed below are the foundation of The Kronzek Firm and our team of CPS defense warriors.


The Kronzek Firm will remain in close contact with our clients, and rapidly return phone calls and emails. You will work directly with your assigned Grand Rapids CPS lawyers throughout the case. You will not be left in the dark at any point in the process. In our firm, a client is a part of our team.

At The Kronzek Firm, we are proven and trusted defense lawyers that ensure that you are getting the full benefit of your legal representation with us during your CPS battle around Grand Rapids. We understand that our clients are going through a VERY SCARY time in their lives. Dealing with bullies is always scary. We’ve gone toe-to-toe with CPS before, and now we’re ready to help you. We won’t judge you. We won’t lecture you. We will be your warrior and fight to keep your family together. 


Most people who have CPS involved in their lives will be looking for the most competitively priced attorneys they can find. Unfortunately, when they see the prices, they sacrifice quality of representation for a cheaper price tag.

The Kronzek Firm has carefully set its rates after decades of representation and thousands of cases. Factors we take into account are standard rates for your type of case, the complexity of your case, and the amount of time we anticipate working on your case.


CPS cases are handled on a case-by-case basis, and our rates reflect this. This can range from a couple of thousand dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars.

If you have concerns regarding the specifics of your case, we offer a free, initial consultation to learn about your case before you need to commit to paid representation.

We will offer you the best rate we can, and you will have the opportunity to accept or decline based on the information we provide. You will find that our Grand Rapids CPS attorneys offer excellent representation for very competitive prices in every case we take on.

Broad Experience:

Our dynamic team of Grand Rapids CPS lawyers offers extensive experience and proven results in defending our clients against Michigan Children’s Protective Services cases in and around Grand Rapids and counties throughout  West Michigan.


We are accustomed to helping parents through difficult CPS cases involving hostile CPS workers and pushed by zealous and overly aggressive prosecutors with little interest in what is best for the children. We get it! You are not a bad person. We want to help you keep your family together. That’s our mission. 

Aggressive Representation:

boxing gloves

Effective representation requires a commitment to our client, an expansive knowledge of the child protection law in Michigan, a willingness to fight for parents, professional trial skills, and a willingness to fight an often uphill battle in Grand Rapids CPS cases.

We strive to provide this top-quality representation in every case we accept in Kent County and all over West Michigan. The right attorney is critical to the outcome of your case. Hire the very best CPS defense attorney you can afford. Put a winning warrior on your team. 

Grand Rapids CPS Lawyers Deliver Proven Results

The attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have been successfully defending against Children’s Protective Services allegations in Michigan courts for more than a quarter century. We have defended countless clients through all stages of the CPS hearing process.

Few firms handle the amount of CPS allegations that we do, and our team of highly aggressive and experienced CPS attorneys will continue to fight against false allegations that put your family in harm’s way. Don’t let just anyone handle your case. Look at their credentials and ask how often they truly defend against these allegations. We do this day in and day out. Call us today at 800-576-6035, or email us today!

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