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Over the years, we have received more calls than we can count, where a frantic parent is weeping on the phone, angry and heartbroken because CPS just took their children away. Sometimes they call us before the children are taken, which is better because we can intervene before a bad situation becomes worse. But regardless of the scenario, the pain and the fear are the same every time.

For a parent who has just lost their child to a faceless government agency, it can feel like legalized kidnapping. And in a way, it is. An agency worker arrives at your home with an officer from a local police department. They accuse you of terrible things, insinuate that you are an evil person, and imply that if you stand in the way of them doing their duty, you will be locked up.

Child Neglect & Abuse Attorneys

Livingston County Child Abuse LawyerIt’s utterly terrifying. And if this is how you feel, just think how your children must feel. A stranger just removed them from the only home and parents they have ever known. They are probably terrified, crying, screaming. And you are powerless to help them.

The attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have years of experience defending people against allegations and charges of abuse and neglect, both in the Criminal Court and the Family Courts. Because our firm practices both family law and criminal law, we are uniquely situated to handle every aspect of your case. With decades of experience and a long history of successes, both in and out of the courtroom, we are your best chance of winning this battle.

This won’t be easy. You need to know that you have a difficult road ahead of you. CPS workers often get so caught up in their own perceptions that they lose sight of the truth. They vilify parents, make horrible accusations, and tear families apart.

This is in part because many of them have been working in the field for so long that they can no longer identify a real abuser from the masses of innocent parents. A great deal of CPS workers become so jaded with the passage of time, and have been in so many abusive homes, that they can no longer tell the difference between an accident and abuse. Which makes them very scary to deal with.

But don’t despair. You aren’t alone in this. We can help you work through this, defending you against false accusations and ensuring that your rights are protected throughout this process.
We will work towards changing the outcome of this tragedy, so that you and your family aren’t trampled in the agency’s zealous stampede to the finish line.

Livingston County’s Premier Child Abuse Defense Team

While this is a very stressful and frightening time for you, it is important that, regardless of what happens now, there are some very important points you need to remember.

First, you need to give careful consideration to whether or not you should allow a CPS worker into your home to begin with. Once they’re inside, they will make judgments about the way you live, about how you maintain your home, and what kind of parent they think you are. And based on these assumptions, they will make accusations against you in court.

Second, do not under any circumstances agree to be interviewed by a CPS worker without your attorney present. There have been countless cases over the years where CPS workers have twisted someone’s words, and then made false claims of admissions in court. CPS workers are not above lying in court to achieve the end result they want.

Third, never sign anything without having your attorney read it over first. CPS workers have been known to mislead people by asking them “informal” questions, or having them make an “off the record” statement. Later they will be asked to sign a number of documents, one of which will include the “confession” they supposedly made to an agency worker.

It is our advice that you act in a polite and courteous manner when dealing with CPS, but refuse them entry into your home unless they have a warrant signed by a judge. We also advise you to politely refuse to answer all of their questions and remain silent until your attorney can be present to advise you.

The Best Defense For You and Your Family

The law gives you the right to raise your children without interference from the government. To protect them, defend them, and decide what’s right for them in the best way you know how. And that’s a right we support fully. After all, these are your children.

As parents themselves, the attorneys of The Kronzek Firm know how difficult parenting a child can be. So in addition to our experience and expertise, we also bring a lot of compassion and understanding to the table. We don’t judge. We don’t assume. We don’t place blame or make accusations. That isn’t in our job description. Our job is to defend you to the best of our abilities. And we are very good at it.

So if you or a loved one are faced with child abuse charges, a neglect petition, or allegations that you hurt a child in some way, contact us immediately. We can be the difference between keeping your family intact, and having your family chewed up and spit out by an unrelenting system.


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