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Looking For an Iron County Criminal Attorney?

No one wants to get caught up in the criminal justice system. But when you find yourself in need of an Iron County criminal attorney, ¬†there are three things that you need to do if you want to minimize the damage: keep calm, don’t talk to the¬†police, and call a criminal defense attorney right away. Many people don’t realize just how important these three things are to making sure that¬†their case has a fighting chance when it reaches¬†criminal court.

Commitment to Excellence

The law firm of The Kronzek Firm PLC is committed to providing the citizens of Iron County with unsurpassed ¬†representation¬†for all their criminal law¬†needs. Our team of Iron County criminal defense attorneys is second to none in their¬†commitment to excellence in legal service. ¬†¬†See what we’ve been able to do for defendants all across Michigan.

Commitment to Team Defense

Our vision of criminal defense is that we work on a team with a client and the people of his choosing.  We will bring our expertise to the table, and we will provide excellent courtroom representation.  We will also prepare your case to get the best possible result.  However, working with a client means that we will pay attention to your ideas and listen to your version of events.  We will offer you our thoughts after we listen to yours.  You will find that working with us is a different kind of interaction than you have experienced with other lawyers.

Commitment to Communication

Almost every day someone tells us that they are calling us because their other attorney won’t take their calls. ¬†We insist that all of our attorneys take all of their calls when available, return calls promptly when not available, and respond quickly to e-mails and letters. ¬†We believe that the best results come in cases with good communication, good preparation and hard work.

It’s Never to Late to Hire a Good Lawyer

We simply cannot stress enough¬†the importance of having an experienced and reliable attorney at your side. Without a good attorney, you have no way of knowing what you’re doing when you get to court. If you’d like to speak with one of our¬†attorneys about your criminal matter¬†in a free consultation, call our offices at 1-866-7NOJAIL or fill out our website’s online contact form.

Criminal Cases within Iron County Courts:

A Few of Our Proven Results:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct First (1st) Degree (Life offense) ‚Äď Case Dismissed
  • Domestic Violence ‚Äď Case Dismissed (Nolle Prosequi)
  • Drunk Driving (2nd Offense) ‚Äď Reduced to civil infraction
  • Extortion – Not Guilty after Jury Trial
  • Kidnapping- Not guilty by jury trial
  • Possession of Meth ‚Äď Case Dismissed

Still not a believer? Read through hundreds more of our criminal defense case results. Contact us about your legal matter today!


Iron County
Court / Division Address / Number Judges
41st Circuit Court
Iron County Courthouse
2 S. Sixth St.
Crystal Falls, MI 49920
(906) 875-3673
Honorable C. Joseph Schwedler, Chief Judge

Honorable Mary Brouillette Barglind

Honorable Richard J. Celello

95B District Court
Iron County Courthouse
2 S. Sixth Street
Crystal Falls, MI 49920
(906) 875-6658
Honorable C. Joseph Schwedler, Chief Judge

Honorable Christopher S. Ninomiya

Iron County Sheriff’s Office 2 South Sixth Street
Suite 18
Crystal Falls, MI 49920
(906) 875-0650
Sheriff Mark Valesano


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