Drug Charges – Former Michigan State Basketball Star Implicated on Drug Charges

Being accused of drug charges is a heavy burden to carry–not only will conviction result in serious legal consequences, but their reputation will suffer as well. While such charges will undoubtedly change any person’s life, if a public figure such as a professional athlete is caught with narcotics, the case will receive a significant amount of attention. However, experienced Michigan criminal defense attorneys can attest, that just because a celebrity’s arrest is more publicized, does not mean that they will not also face extreme punishments, if convicted. The circumstances are similar in a case involving a former Spartan basketball star who was recently implicated for trafficking drugs.

While driving through a Midwestern town, 32 year-old Arthur Boyd was pulled over by law enforcement officials after he was seen leaving a suspected drug dealer’s home. The vehicle, registered to former Michigan State University basketball star Zach Randolph, was immediately searched by drug dogs on the lookout for hidden compartments containing narcotics or other unlawful materials. According to local police, both marijuana and a little bit of ammunition was discovered in the vehicle.

Search dogs located traces of marijuana

The discovery of drugs prompted law enforcement officials to search other properties owned by Randolph, such as a storage unit that he rented. Again, search dogs located traces of marijuana, allegedly locked in two of four lockers owned by the professional basketball player. As a result of his connection with the trafficking and possession of marijuana, it is likely that Randolph will be accused with drug charges, almost certainly facing jail time on conviction.

This is not the former Spartan’s first run-in with the law, however. While in high-school and a student at Michigan state, Randolph was convicted of underage drinking and stealing a gun. Additionally, in 2009 he was charged with driving while intoxicated, ultimately adding to the laundry list of violations against him.

As seen by the example of Zach Randolph, being a celebrity does not mean that one will escape punishment for criminal charges. Conviction of drug charges in any state will have significant consequences, almost certainly resulting in jail time. Because of the severe nature of these accusations, it is essential to be proactive in securing the best possible defense for your case. Contacting hard-working and trustworthy Michigan drug crimes lawyers will not only provide sound legal advice, but the legal defense needed to keep you at home with your family, not in jail.

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