Recent Extension of Makes Defendants Responsible for Court Costs

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In September, the Michigan Legislature voted on, and Governor Whitmer signed, a law that makes defendants responsible for court costs. This law is an extension of a law that already existed. It will be effective for 18 months from October 1, 2022 and will expire on May 1, 2024. 

What is it?

HB 5956, has been criticized by various groups and individuals across the state of Michigan. 

The law typically puts the cost on people with lower incomes. Opponents to the law are challenging its constitutionality and trying to get this burden off the backs of everyday people. 

It is believed that the law is unfairly burdensome for people with lower incomes causing further financial hardship and greater chances for violation of court orders due to inability to pay the costs.

When will it be over?

The extension is supposed to expire on May 1, 2024. For many, 2024 feels to be so far in the future, and the threat of extra costs can be overwhelming. 

Why was this law passed?

Unfortunately, many courts are responsible for their own funding in some way or another, and this can put a strain on already limited resources. In response to this bill, only 17 legislators opposed it. However, there are many people actively fighting its validity. 

You can read the law here

If you are concerned about how this law could impact your case, or if you need help with another matter regarding a charge you are facing, seek advice from an experienced legal team. 

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