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Caro / Tuscola Criminal Sexual Conduct

Do you need a Tuscola County Sex Crime Lawyer?  According to Michigan State Police records, Criminal Sexual Conduct (or CSC) charges are more frequently prosecuted in Tuscola County than in other counties in Michigan.  If you are in need of an excellent CSC attorney, it is best to turn to a law firm that handles these matters on a daily basis.  At The Kronzek Firm PLC, we have spent the better part of two decades defending all types of sex crime prosecution throughout Michigan and we regularly practice in Caro.  For information on specific Sex Crime Charges, see:

Have You Been Accused of a Crime?

If you or a loved one has been accused of molestation, child abuse, or sexual assault of some kind, you should act quickly to get the best attorney you can afford.  Going through an investigation or a prosecution without an attorney can have devastating consequences.    State Police, local police, and Sheriff officials take advantage of unrepresented suspects when they can. This often makes matters considerably worse.  Detectives will often assume you are guilty and refuse to accept any other answer during an interview.  Suspects are asked to take a polygraph examination to prove they are not guilty.  A person who is accused of sexual misconduct should immediately consult with an attorney.  Police interviews and polygraphs can wait until your attorney is on board.

What if I Don’t Have Anything to Hide?

We get asked questions like this just about every day.  Investigators love to use these types of questions to get you to talk.  They will say things like:

  • Why do you want a lawyer if you have not done anything wrong?
  • I just want a polygraph to clear this up and show you are innocent.
  • Are you willing to give us a DNA sample so we can rule you out?

Police are trained to play on your emotions to get you to talk to them before you have an attorney.  Why?  The answer should be obvious.  Some of the best evidence they can present to a Tuscola County jury  is often going to be the statements they get you to make.  Even if a criminal defendant has denied the allegations, corroborating information can really help their case.  An apology for a misunderstanding will be treated as a confession in court.  The lack of shock or the lack of an adamant denial will be treated as an indication of guilty knowledge.  There is almost never anything to gain for a suspect to talk to police without an attorney.

What if There is no Evidence?

Remember that testimony is evidence. ¬†Over the years, there have been many Tuscola County Residents convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct when the only substantial evidence was the statement made by an alleged victim. ¬†Michigan law does not require any other evidence. ¬†Michigan law does not require that the statements of a “victim” be corroborated. ¬†Depending on the particular charge, you could be sentenced to life in prison in a case where the only real evidence is the testimony of one person. ¬†That is why you need an excellent lawyer to walk you through the process. ¬†And, you need to get that attorney on board as soon as you know there is a potential problem.

What if my Attorney is not Doing Anything to Defend Me?

Truthfully, no one should ever have to ask a question like this. ¬†In the real world, it is asked every day. ¬†The answer is simple. ¬†You have to act immediately to fix the problem. ¬†It’s just as bad to go through an investigation with a weak or timid lawyer as it is to not have one at all. ¬†Here are some solutions you could consider:

  • Insist on a meeting with the lawyer and express your concerns
  • Talk to another attorney and get a second opinion
  • Hire a more experienced attorney
  • Hire a more aggressive attorney
  • Hire a sex crime “specialist”. ¬†Please note that no ethical attorney will tell you that he is a specialist. ¬†This is because Michigan ethics regulations do not recognize attorneys as specialists. ¬†So, what you are looking for is an attorney with extensive experience in CSC and sex crime litigation. ¬†An attorney who has never taken a CSC case to trial and won may not be a good match for you.

Sentences / Penalties for Tuscola CSC

Maximum penalties for CSC are set by Michigan law (or federal law for federal prosecutions).  Therefore, the maximum penalties for any particular crime are the same in every county.  However, a sentencing judge typically has discretion to set a sentence up to the maximum, so actual sentences can vary.  In Tuscola County, sentences for sex crimes (especially for crimes involving children) have historically been harsh.  Generally, a defendant charged with CSC 3rd degree in Tuscola County is facing up to 15 years in prison.  For 1st degree CSC, the maximum is life or any term of years.  This means that a judge can set a life sentence, or set the maximum at as many years as the judge wants.

How Much Will I Have to Pay?

As you can imagine, many people facing serious prison cannot afford counsel. ¬†Oftentimes, people who cannot afford counsel do not fare well in the criminal system. ¬†There are a variety of reasons for this. ¬†Sometimes, they go through the process with a court appointed attorney who does not have the time to give the client the attention that the case demands. ¬†You need to treat a CSC allegation as the biggest life challenge you will ever face. ¬†It usually is. ¬†For this reason, many of our clients have to rely on family members and other support people to assist. ¬†Many have to get loans, cash in retirement accounts, or sell assets to stay out of jail or prison. ¬†The one thing you can never afford to do is to take a false allegation lightly. ¬† ¬†Even a “minor” criminal sexual conduct charge could land you on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry for decades. ¬†We will help you evaluate how to get the defense you need and deserve.

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