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St. Joseph County Criminal Lawyers

Sheriff car at nightIf you’re being charged with one or more crimes, the St. Joseph County Criminal Defense team at The Kronzek Firm team can help! Contact us online or call our offices at 1-866-7NOJAIL¬†for a free consultation with an expert trial lawyer. ¬†Whether your arrest was in Centreville, Sturgis, Three Rivers or elsewhere in St. Joseph County we have professional, aggressive and competent attorneys who can walk defend your rights and your freedom.

Criminal Attorneys | St. Joseph County

If you’re tangled up in the criminal justice system, it’s important that you act quickly to secure your future. You need a St. Joseph County criminal defense expert. ¬†Being convicted of a crime can cost you your freedom, your financial security and can severely limit your employment opportunities. That’s why it’s crucial that you don’t skimp out on hiring an attorney: having an experienced, aggressive attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case and can actually save you money down the line.

Centreville Criminal Defense

The law firm of The Kronzek Firm PLC serves as one of Michigan’s premier criminal defense firms. Our team of¬†defense¬†attorneys¬†has handled criminal cases from all across Michigan, including St. Joseph County.¬†We’ve fought hard to earn our reputation for excellence in criminal defense, and we’re not afraid to show off some the impressive results we’ve been able to get.

St. Joseph County Criminal Representation

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a successful criminal defense, then The Kronzek Firm is ready to help. You can speak with one of our attorneys in a free consultation about your criminal matter – all we need is some basic information to get the process started. Just fill out our website’s contact form, or call our offices at 1-866-7NOJAIL.

Criminal Cases within St. Joseph County Courts:

If you have a pending case in St. Joseph County, don’t leave your fate to chance. The The Kronzek Firm team can help! Contact us today (866)7NO-JAIL.

A Few of Our Proven Results:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct, Multiple Counts –¬†Not Guilty by¬†Jury Trial
  • Domestic Violence ‚Äď Case Dismissed (Nolle Prosequi)
  • Driving with revoked license ‚Äď Pled to disturbing the peace
  • Possession of Marijuana ‚Äď Evidence Suppressed; Case Dismissed
  • Possession of Meth ‚Äď Case Dismissed, St. Joseph County

We have hundreds of favorable results throughout Michigan. Read more Michigan criminal defense case results of The Kronzek Firm PLC.
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St. Joseph County
Court / Division Address / Number Judges
45th Circuit Court
St. Joseph County Courthouse
125 W. Main
Centreville, MI 49032
(269) 467-5500
Honorable Paul E. Stutesman, Chief Judge
3B District Court
125 W. Main
Centreville, MI 49032
(269) 467-5500
Honorable Paul E. Stutesman, Chief Judge

Honorable Jeffrey C. Middleton

Honorable Robert Pattison

St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department 650 E. Main St.
Centreville, MI 49032
(269) 467-9045
Sheriff Bradley D. Balk


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