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K&C Shoot - Inside 16x9 Aspect RatioLansing CSC or Criminal Sexual Conduct charges are some of the most serious offenses handled by Ingham County courts. ¬†The Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney’s office aggressively prosecutes sex crimes such as rape, statutory rape and child pornography charges. ¬†Whether you are being accused by a child or an adult, the consequences of being convicted of molestation related crimes are huge. ¬†That is why you need a top flight criminal defense firm representing you.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Defense

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The defense of criminal sex crime charges is not a job for the timid. ¬†A criminal defendant facing charges like rape or statutory rape needs the help of an aggressive and effective attorney. ¬† The task of the Lansing CSC lawyer is to be able to explain to a jury the position of the accused. ¬†It is naive to rest on notions like “innocent until proven guilty.” ¬†Jurors, Judges, Prosecutors, ¬†and Police all come to court with biases. ¬†A defense attorney must be prepared to overcome the biases. ¬†This requires intense scrutiny of the witness statements, extensive investigation, and a lot of trial skill. ¬†Settling for an inexperienced attorney can often be a disaster. ¬† Unfortunately, the court appointed system produces both high quality and low quality attorneys for indigents. ¬†Relying on the “luck of the draw” approach leaves many defendants poorly represented.

CSC Sentences in Lansing

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The judges of Ingham County have historically imposed some very harsh sentences for sex crimes.  Under Michigan law, possible sentences range from probation to a lifetime in prison.  The difference in outcome depends on many factors, including the actual charge for which a defendant is convicted.  There are four degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan, each with different potential sentences.  For specific details about each of these criminal statutes, follow these links:

How we Defend Lansing CSC Cases

JME 3.6.14First, you need to understand that every case is different. ¬†There are no “cookie cutter” ¬†defenses. ¬†Think about how easy it would be for the prosecution to prepare if we defended every case the same way. ¬†Our approach is very fact specific. ¬†In other words, we build a defense around you, your life, your facts, and your desired outcomes. ¬†We listen carefully to our clients and work closely with them. ¬† ¬†However, when it comes to our philosophy of practice, there are some core principles which drive our defense team:

  • We believe every case deserves intense and careful attention from the attorneys working on the case.
  • We believe that well prepared attorneys get better results.
  • We believe that every client deserves a skilled defense from a competent trial attorney.
  • We believe that clients deserve excellent communication with their attorneys.
  • We believe in leaving “no stone unturned” in providing the best defense.
  • We believe in providing the best defense on every case.

These practice standards drive our team to provide you with the defense you need and deserve.

In addition, we bring decades of experience to the table. ¬†We have been fighting andSMS 2.27.14¬†winning false allegation cases for approximately two decades. ¬†We understand that our clients are often treated as if they were already found guilty from the time they first appear in court for a bond hearing. ¬†We see our job as leveling the playing field. ¬†That is why we work so hard. ¬†By giving every client our best effort and the professional attention deserved, we have been able to beat many “unbeatable” cases. ¬†These include DNA cases, false allegations from children, cases with multiple alleged victims testifying, cases with “other acts evidence.” ¬†We have won CSC 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree cases and have a long list of favorable results. ¬†A partial list of case outcomes can be found on our results page.

Attorneys Serving Lansing Clients

At The Kronzek Firm PLC, we serve clients throughout Michigan. ¬†However, from the days when our founding partners, Charles Kronzek and Michael Cronkright graduated from law school and passed the bar exam, our attorneys have been defending and winning ¬†sex crime prosecutions in Lansing and Ingham county. ¬†Our practice soon spread to the nearby counties of Eaton County, Jackson County, Ionia County, and Clinton county. ¬†Since then we have established ourselves as amongst Michigan’s best CSC defense team in Michigan’s lower peninsula. ¬†Our practice area now extends to 68 counties. ¬†Nonetheless, our roots remain in Lansing and we are proud to provide this community with the best criminal defense. ¬†If we can help you or someone you care about, give us a call.

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