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Michigan First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney


First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) is the most serious Michigan sex crime and is punishable by up to life in prison. ¬† In some instances, it also carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison. ¬†Defending a serious sex crime requires an experienced criminal defense lawyer with extensive knowledge of this area of law. ¬†If you have been charged with First Degree CSC, now is the time to hire an expert attorney. We offer 24/7 consultations for urgent needs and have one of Michigan’s most effective defense teams available to assist you. ¬†At The Kronzek Firm we regularly defend clients all over Michigan from sex crime charges. We are highly successful at defending these cases in court and before charges are formally filed.


Michigan CSC 1st Degree Lawyers

Because of the penalty structure, some 1st degree CSC charges can be more serious than a homicide charge.  This is especially true when a mandatory minimum 25 year charge is brought.  We have a long history of defending and beating CSC charges.  Our trial attorneys have successfully defended many CSC cases and can help you.

We have been representing clients who have been charged with sex crimes for over 100 combined years. ¬†We practice in every county in Michigan’s lower peninsula, and have achieved many¬†many excellent results for our clients. ¬†These include verdicts acquitting our clients, outright dismissal of charges, no jail results, no prison results and charges reduced from felonies to misdemeanors.


Defending CSC cases with DNA Evidence

Defense attorneys and clients alike sometimes think that DNA evidence will always lead to a conviction. ¬†This is not necessarily true. ¬†We have tried and won DNA cases. ¬†Granted, DNA evidence can present a formidable challenge. ¬†However, you should never assume that your case can’t be defended just because there is a rape kit showing DNA. ¬†DNA is often collected by police, SANE nurses or doctors. ¬†They often make critical mistakes in the collection process that can taint the results. ¬†In the same way, issues sometimes arise in the Michigan State Police (MSP) crime lab which skews the outcome. ¬†You will need an attorney who knows how to investigate and litigate these issues.


Child Allegation First Degree CSC

Child witnesses present a unique challenge for many attorneys.  Most courts and defense attorneys are not comfortable with child witnesses.  When a child testifies, many lawyers do little more than repeat the already asked prosecution questions.  This is not the best way to defend a client falsely accused of a horrible crime.  In many instances, child testimony is tainted by an adult long before the case ever comes before the court.  It is necessary to figure out where that taint is coming from and why the child is saying the things he or she is saying.  The truth can be difficult to get at after the child has been interviewed on numerous occasions by parents, teachers, counselors, forensic interviewers, police and prosecutors.

Our attorneys have hundreds of hours of specialized training designed to help them discover the truth and ultimately bring that to light in the courtroom.


CSC 1st with Prior Acts Evidence

Other acts evidence (sometimes called prior acts evidence) is often used in court to suggest a motive, scheme or method of committing an offense that is repeated by the accused.  Evidence of a past similar crime can have an ominous effect on a case.  In many instances, this evidence can come into a trial even if there was no conviction.

It is not true that this evidence cannot be overcome.  We have taken multiple CSC I cases to trial and won.  Our victories include cases with prior acts evidence  and DNA evidence that seemed very damaging on its face.  A combination of good investigative work and excellent trial skill is usually required in order to overcome other acts evidence.  If you have a difficult to defend case, you will need an attorney that believes in your cause and has the skill set needed to win your case.


Penalties for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the first degree

county-img_n1Because CSC in the first degree is the most serious CSC crime, the penalties can be very severe. Prison sentences can be for up to life in prison, depending on a number of issues that your attorney will discuss with you. Convicted sex offenders will also be placed on the sex offender registry.  Additionally, Michigan now has a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years for this offense when the alleged victim is a child under 13 years of age.

Our trial lawyers have defended clients charged with first degree CSC for many years, we know how daunting it is to face a conviction for this crime. We are here to help. It is imperative that you take this seriously! If convicted, you could spend the rest of your life in prison or on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. You need an attorney who regularly defends clients both in and out of the courtroom.

Contact the Michigan CSC Defense Team

If you need immediate assistance, you can contact us online to discuss the charges against you, or you can call  (866) 766-5245.  All consultations are strictly confidential.  We have expert sex crime defense attorneys on call 24 hours a day.

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