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Muskegon County Criminal Attorneys

Muskegon County Defense Team:

Have you been accused of or are you concerned about being accused of a felony or misdemeanor in Muskegon County? At The Kronzek Firm PLC, we work with Muskegon County criminal clients and clients across Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. We can help you understand the Muskegon legal system.

Are you Accused of a Crime?

In the face of accusations of property crimes, vehicle crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, or crimes against people we can bring our extensive legal experience to your case. Our attorneys are familiar with Muskegon County’s 14th Circuit Court and 60th District Court. We have successfully defended cases in this county for many years. You need more than an attorney who knows the law, you need an attorney who can guide you through this challenging time and who will scrutinize every detail of your situation, including a careful review of the police investigation and witness testimony. Building a viable defense should be a team effort.

How We Will Defend You

We believe in a partnership between our litigation team, a client and his friends, family and support group. We believe that you deserve the personal attention of your attorneys. If you have an attorney that shows up for court unprepared, you usually will not fare well. Likewise, if you can’t get your attorney to answer your calls or sit down to discuss your case, that is not a good sign. The time pressure on court appointed attorneys makes it hard for them to give client’s the attention they deserve. That is why we don’t handle any court appointed work absent some special circumstance. For nearly two decades, our attorneys have been aggressively and successfully defending criminal and child abuse/neglect cases. We can offer you a high quality defense and a positive relationship with your attorneys. inside a courtroom

Criminal Cases within Muskegon County Courts:

If you have a pending case in Muskegon County, don’t leave your fate to chance. The The The Kronzek Firm team can help! Contact us today (866)7NO-jail.

A Few of Our Proven Results:

Crimes Against People
  • Domestic Violence – Not Guilty
  • Assault and Battery – Not Guilty
  • Attempted Murder – Not Guilty
Drug Crimes
  • Delivery of Marijuana – Evidence Suppressed, Case Dismissed
  • Meth Charges – Dismissed
  • Manufacturing Marijuana – No Jail
Sex Crimes
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct Second (2nd) Degree – Mistrial
  • First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct – Not Guilty
  • Allegations of Sexual Touching and Indecent Exposure – No Prosecution
Crimes Involving Vehicles
  • Drunk Driving (2nd Offense) – Reduced to civil infraction
  • Drunk Driving Causing Death – Dismissed by Court at Preliminary Examination
  • DUI – Not Guilty, Jury Trial

Read more Michigan criminal defense case results of The Kronzek Firm PLC. Contact us about your legal matter today!

Muskegon County
Court / Division Address / Number Judges
Muskegon County, 14th Circuit Court 990 Terrace Muskegon, MI 49442 (231) 724-6251 Hon. John C. Ruck

Hon. Timothy G. Hicks

Hon. Annette R. Smedley

Hon. William C. Marietti

Hon. Neil G. Mullally

Hon. Gregory C. Pittman

60th District Court  990 Terrace StreetMuskegon, MI 49442 (231) 724-6283 Hon. Maria Ladas Hoopes

Hon. Michael J. Nolan

Hon. Harold F. Closz

Hon. Andrew Wierengo

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