Michigan’s New Distracted Driving Law

As of June 30th, a new driving law will be going into effect. This new law prohibits any and all electronic device use while in the car. This includes using an electronic device while driving and even when you’re stopped. If your car is on the road and you are in the driver’s seat, it is best to keep the phone out of your hands. Law enforcement officers will now be able to pull over and ticket even minor electronic device use while at red lights. This new law extends the prohibition that was first set into place with the original distracted driving laws.

Fines vary depending on the circumstances of the usages and if any crash occurs. For first offenses, the fine is $100 or 16 hours of community service, or possibly both if the judge decides so. For a second violation, the punishment will be either $250 or 24 hours of community service, or potentially both, again if the judge decides so. If you get a third violation within a three year period, then the court will order you to complete a driving safety course. The fine can also be increased two additional ways. First, if you are driving a commercial vehicle or a school bus, then the fine will be doubled for each offense. Second, if you are driving while distracted and cause an accident, then the fines will double; however, that does not factor in any criminal punishment that will be determined based on the severity of the crash.

There are some exceptions to the rule. Emergency workers, such as police and other first responders, may use a cell phone when performing official job duties. Phone use is also allowed for calling 911 to ask for help or to report an emergency. The use of hands-free systems will not result in violations either, such as using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Even if your vehicle does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, Bluetooth and the use of phone mounts is still permitted under the new law. As long as you use the hands-free accessibility functions and don’t take the phone off the mount, then you will not be in violation of the law.

Best Ways to Avoid Breaking the Law:

  • Purchase a phone mount for your vehicle, such as one that lock your phone in, so that you are less likely to take it off,
  • Set up a hands-free system, such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto,
  • Lock your phone in the center console, or
  • Hand your phone to a passenger.

Distracted driving leads to many accidents across the country. Staying alert will greatly increase the chances to avoid crashes and to ensure your safety while on the road. If you or someone you know has been in an accident and may be at fault, it is best to obtain legal counsel to help you through this process.

The Kronzek Firm Can Help You

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