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The possibility of losing your children is one of the most frightening things a parent could possibly face. We understand that. In part because we have been doing this for a long time, and also because we are parents ourselves. So we get it. We have walked many terrified parents through this dark time, and out into a lighter place.

But what is even scarier than what you are facing right now, is what could happen if you don’t have an excellent defense attorney on your team. There are parents all over Michigan who are engaged in long, drawn out battles with the state. Or worse, they have already lost.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you have a top-of-the-line defense attorney on your side. A hard working, tenacious professional who will fight for your family and your children as if they were their own. Because that makes all the difference.

At The Kronzek Firm, we are prepared to go the distance on your behalf. We have the experience, the perseverance, and the creativity required to step into the fray, regardless of what CPS is accusing you of. We are relentless in our pursuit of your defense, and fearless in our determination to protect you. Right now, during this desperate time, what you need, is us.

Howell DHS / Livingston County CPS

Howell / Livingston County CPS office We have lost count of the number of frantic phone calls we have received over the years from parents. Conversations that began with “CPS just took my children away! Please help me!” or “A social worker just took away my kids! I don’t know what to do!” For the parents involved, it feels a lot like a kidnapping. And in a way it is.

A government worker, accompanied by a police officer, comes into your home. They ask you personal questions, insinuate terrible things about you or your partner, accusing you of horrifying things. And from your neighbor’s perspective, they may as well have put a sign on your front door labeling you as a child abuser, or worse. It’s a nightmare. And if it’s terrifying for you, just think of how frightening it must be for your children, who are probably confused and afraid.

At this time we feel that it’s critical that we remind you that regardless of what happens, regardless of how angry and heartbroken you may be, there are a few very important things you need to keep in mind.

First, consider very carefully whether or not you allow a CPS worker into your home to begin with. Once they’re inside, the game changes completely. Second, don’t agree to be interviewed by a CPS worker until you have your attorney present. There are more cases than we can count where CPS workers have twisted someone’s words and then made false claims of admissions in court. And finally, don’t sign anything without having your attorney read it over first. CPS workers have been known to mislead people, having them sign “confessions” without even realizing it.

Sexual Assault and False Allegations by Livingston County CPS

Whether the allegations are based in fact or are complete fiction, this kind of case is going to need the expertise of an attorney with lots of experience. A professional who is familiar with the terrain both in family court and in criminal court. Because these types of cases usually involve both courts. And so being represented by a firm that is highly skilled in both family law and criminal defense will make a big difference to your case.

In Livingston County, children who are suspected to be the victims of sexual abuse or molestation are interviewed by a wide array of law enforcement personnel and social workers. This usually takes place at La Casa, and will include an inter-disciplinary team of forensic interviewers, an assistant prosecutor, a police or sheriff investigator and a CPS worker. And you are not allowed to be present in any of these interviews.

So if you are up against allegations of abuse, or are being investigated for sexual assaulting or molesting a child you are going to need the help of experts. Don’t wait. Call The Kronzek Firm immediately. Every passing minute is critical to your case. We are serious about this. Do not wait.

Best Defense in Howell, Brighton and Fowlerville

Whether Livingston County CPS is claiming that you neglected your child, or that you harmed them in some way, you are going to need help from professionals who have experience handling these types of cases. Attorneys who are familiar with CPS bullying tactics and the tendency to stretch the truth to the breaking point.

And we are those professionals. We have decades of experience handling CPS cases, protecting families from the state’s invasive and accusatory agency, and defending parents and caregivers against the lies and false allegations that CPS workers weave into their cases.

We know that it can be very hard to keep a clear head when your heart is breaking. Properly analyzing all of your choices and considering the many options available to you when you are overwhelmed with grief and fear can be almost impossible. So don’t. Don’t try to do it all alone. Just put this in our hands, and we’ll take it from here. Contact us online or call us today.

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