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Charlevoix County Criminal Defense Experts:

Are you in need of a good Charlevoix Criminal Defense Attorney?  You owe it to yourself to obtain a free consolation from The Kronzek Firm’s expert trial lawyers.  We have an experience attorney on call 24/7.  Don’t take on the Charlevoix County legal system by yourself. If you’re facing serious criminal charges in Charlevoix County, you need serious representation in court. The attorneys of The Kronzek Firm PLC are ready to aggressively defend your rights.  We have won many trials and achieved plenty of great results during our years of practice and continue to provide cutting edge defense for our clients.

Many people assume that answering the police’s questions will help their situation. However, in many cases, this is simply not true. Sheriff department investigators, CPS workers and Police officers are allowed to lie to and intimidate suspects in the hopes of forcing out information that could sabotage many defenses down the line. While it is a good idea to cooperate with police upon being arrested, you should not speak with them until you have an attorney present who knows how to fight for your freedom. Our attorneys have experience dealing with the Charlevoix police and legal system, where getting solid legal advice can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment.

Our experienced team of attorneys will painstakingly review every aspect of your case, strive to make sure no bit of evidence gets missed, and help you find the best possible defenses. We will work with you and your family to build a strong defense, and we are not afraid to go to court in order to get you the results you deserve.

If you have been charged with a crime or are being investigated, or are facing charges, don’t wait to get representation. While it’s never too late to call us, the sooner you get us on your side, the more we can do for you.

Call 1-866-7-NOJAIL for your free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Man being handcuffedWant to See More?  Our Criminal Defense Team has Achieved Many, Many Excellent Results.

Criminal Cases within Charlevoix County Courts:

If you have a pending case in Charlevoix County, don’t leave your fate to chance. The The Kronzek Firm team can help! Contact us today (866)7NO-jail.

A Few of our Proven Results:

Crimes Involving Vehicles
  • OUIL – Not Guilty
  • Open intoxicants in vehicle – Case Dismissed
  • Drunk Driving Causing Death – Dismissed
Crimes Against People
  • Domestic Violence – Not Guilty
  • Assault with Rifle – Not Guilty
  • Felonious Assault – Acquitted by Jury
Sex Crimes
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct (Rape) – Not guilty by Jury Trial
  • Child Molestation – Not Guilty
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st degree – Not Guilty
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd degree – Not Guilt
  • Indecent Exposure – Not Guilty

Want to See More?  Our Michigan Defense Team has Obtained Numerous Excellent Results.

We have hundreds of favorable results throughout Michigan. Read more Michigan criminal defense case results of The Kronzek Firm PLC.
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Court / Division Address / Number Judges
33rd Circuit Court Charlevoix County Building
301 State Street
Charlevoix, Michigan 49720
(231) 547-7243
Honorable Richard M. Pajtas, Chief Judge
90th District Court Charlevoix County Building
301 State Street
Charlevoix, Michigan 49720
(231) 547-7227
Honorable James N. Erhart
7th Probate Court Charlevoix County Building
301 State Street, Suite 9
Charlevoix, Michigan 49720
(231) 547-7214
Honorable Frederick R. Mulhauser
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