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Best Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Michigan criminal defense attorneys at THE KRONZEK FIRM aggressively defend clients facing felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile charges throughout the state of Michigan. If you or a loved one need a skilled and effective courtroom attorney, call us immediately at (866) 766-5245.

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Our lawyers cover all of Michigan’s lower peninsula in all state courts and Federal Courts. Our team of trial attorneys has approximately 100 years of combined experience defending clients against criminal charges in Michigan. We have earned the reputation of being some of Michigan’s best criminal defense attorneys.

Through hard work, knowledge of Michigan law, and trial skill, we have experience in defending the most serious life offense felonies and virtually all other criminal charges. We have excellent results in rape, murder, manslaughter, criminal sexual conduct, child abuse, drug crime, embezzlement, and drunk driving cases. We handle assault, home invasion and drug charges on a regular basis. We deal with all economic crimes including embezzlement, robbery, and every type of fraud charges.

We are available 24/7

If you have been charged with a crime, or if you think you are about to be charged with a crime, call our experienced defense attorneys NOW. Our phones are answered 24/7, and for urgent after-hours matters, we always have at least one attorney on call. We are aggressive and focused lawyers, concentrating on defending our clients’ constitutional rights both in and out of the courtroom.

Brandy Thompson with the Kronzek Firm was my representation and I couldn’t be more pleased. Our case outcome was very uncertain but she guided us smoothly the entire way. Brandy was quick with responses whenever I sent an email or phone call and very professional. I appreciate everything she has done for my family and I would highly recommend her and The Kronzek Firm.
Katie Smith

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Being falsely accused of a crime such as child molestation, statutory rape, or homicide is devastating. At the first sign of trouble, you need to contact an attorney for guidance. We can help. In most cases, you can be talking to one of our experienced trial attorneys in minutes.

Best Criminal Defense Team

We’re proud of our record of winning cases for our clients. That’s why we display case results. From Traverse City to Detroit, from Muskegon to Flint, from Berrien County to Alpena, from Gaylord to Jackson we offer high quality representation for clients’ great needs. We have defended high profile cases in Lansing, Pontiac, Atlanta, Cadillac, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, Jackson, Battle Creek and many other cities in Michigan.

Avoid Making a Mistake

We have successfully handled many cases where clients started out making mistakes. If you read this and wonder if you have made a mistake, relax. Let us help you. What follows are some common questions clients bring up and mistakes clients make when they are being investigated, arrested or prosecuted for a crime:


The United States Supreme Court put some basic protections in place with the case of Miranda vs. Arizona. You have heard the Miranda warnings countless times if you watch television or movies. Don’t ever waive your rights without talking to an attorney.

Police Want Me to Come in for an Interview

Really? Ask yourself why? More than likely they want to tape record an interview or put you in a little interview room with a camera up in the corner so they can video tape your statements. More than likely they are going to set you down in the corner with two police between you and the door and tell you that you are free to go. More than likely they are going to suggest that if you don’t have anything to hide you don’t need an attorney. All of this is designed to get you to talk and to make you feel that you don’t have any other choice. Here is what you need to know: If you are being investigated by police, you should never talk to the police until you have consulted with an attorney.

Police Want me to Take a Polygraph

Polygraphs can be a helpful tool. We have had hundreds of private polygraph tests administered on our clients. We have a long list of very competent polygraph examiners available to us. However, a police polygraph can easily cost you your freedom. Police officers are trained to be intimidating and coercive. A polygraph examination is very intimidating under any circumstances and police are trained to take advantage of that. How? Well, imagine being in a room without your attorney and having a police officer tell you that you failed your examination. Now imagine that you are still hooked up to the instrument and the officer is very aggressive, even yelling at you to explain why you failed the examination. Unfortunately this happens routinely, even when the suspect passed the test. Unless you have experienced this type of intimidation, its hard to know what it is like. Don’t take a police polygraph unless you have hired an attorney first and thoroughly discussed it with him/her.

They are great with everyone!
Roy on Facebook, 2017

Should I Tell My side of the Story?

Good question. And, we really need to discuss this. You shouldn’t make a decision based on what you read on the web. However, in most cases the answer is going to be no. There are many people in Michigan jails and prisons, on probation or with criminal records because they thought they would help themselves by talking to police. Talking to police when you are the target of an investigation is almost always bad. We have had plenty of police officers as clients and most of them “lawyer up” as soon as they know they are being investigated. Why? Because it’s always the right move. Don’t tell your side of the story without the help of an attorney!

Police Want a Second Interview

“We just need to clear up some details.” We have heard this many times and it usually means that they have nearly completed their investigation, clearly identified you as the suspect, and are ready to make an arrest. However, the prosecution would go a little better if they could probe a little deeper and get a videotape of you being confronted with certain facts they have gathered. We rarely allow second interviews of our clients.

Shouldn’t I Just Tell the Truth?

No. But, you should not lie either. This question comes up a lot when parents are trying to provide guidance for their children. It also comes up with people who have high moral standards and know they have made a mistake. We never tell people to lie, but telling the truth involves talking. Talking is almost always a big mistake if you are under indictment or investigation. Think of it this way, if telling the truth would mean going to prison and not talking would result in probation, which would you choose? Talking almost always makes things worse! Get an attorney on board before you make the decision to talk to the police.

If I Ask for an Attorney, Won’t I Look Guilty?

No. You will look intelligent. Really. Police understand that it is wise to hire an attorney. They just don’t want you to do it because it makes their job easier if they have unlimited access to a suspect and other witnesses friendly to a suspect.

Do I Want a Local Attorney?

You want a good attorney. In fact, you want the best attorney you can find and afford. The quality of the lawyer matters far more than the location. Judges respect good attorneys. It actually makes their jobs easier because when you appear in court with an incompetent attorney it raises the possibility of an appeal which could require a second trip through the court later on. You are not likely to find one of our attorneys on the golf course with a judge or prosecutor, but that is not really the issue. The issue is that we only have high quality, skilled and professional attorneys. Our team of criminal defense attorneys all have an excellent track record and a good reputation in the courts where we practice.

Let us Help You

If you have a pending criminal legal matter, and need an aggressive, experienced, and tenacious criminal defense attorney, you should contact us today!

The Kronzek Firm regularly serves clients all over the lower peninsula of Michigan including defendants in these areas: Oakland County including Bloomfield, Farmington, Novi and Birmingham; Ingham County including Lansing, Okemos, East Lansing, Williamston and Mason; Eaton County including Charlotte and Olivet; Clinton County including St. Johns; Ionia County; Shiawassee County; Livingston County including Howell, Brighton, Hartland and Webberville; Washtenaw County including Ann Arbor; Osceola County; Kalamazoo County; Jackson County; Calhoun County including Battle Creek; Lenawee County; Clare County; Hillsdale County; Branch County; Barry County; Kent County including Grand Rapids; Tuscola County; Huron County; Lapeer County including The Thumb; Gration County; Montcalm County; Isabella County including Mt. Pleasant; Midland County; Bay County; Gladwin County.

We are available 24/7, 365 days a year at (866)-7-NoJail or 1-866-766-5245.

Ms. Thompson has been our attorney for almost two years. She has handled our unique case with respect and diligence. We are very happy with her services.
Debra on Avvo, 2015

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