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Pre-Arrest Help From Criminal Defense Attorneys

Are you aware that we can begin to help you even before you have been charged with a crime in Michigan? Our behind-the-scenes work has saved many of our clients from ever being arrested or charged. We are always available on an emergency basis.

Even without an arrest, we will defend clients aggressively in an attempt to avoid arrest altogether.

The quicker we begin our work with you, the better your chances of avoiding arrest. While there are never any guarantees when police and prosecutors are involved, our success rate has been remarkable when clients employ us early on in their cases. Because of that, our phones are answered 24 / 7 and we always have an attorney on call to quickly become available in crisis situations. Call us today at 1-866-766-5245.

Many clients don’t know they have a right to counsel before they are arrested

In criminal cases, you always have a Constitutional right to have an attorney represent you. Many clients fail to recognize that their right to counsel begins even before any charges have been filed. It is foolish to waive that right. As soon as you become aware that the police are involved in questioning or investigating.

Our Michigan criminal defense attorneys have developed many pro-active strategies, procedures, and methods by which we work to help clients before they are charged. While each case is different, a few of our techniques include witness interviews, independent investigations, evaluation of evidence, legal research, bringing in our own scientific and forensic experts, locating witnesses, and gathering information from the police. In other words, we begin building a defense for you even before you are charged with a crime. It is said that a good defense begins with a good offense.

Our pre-arrest assistance serves at least three purposes. First, we attempt to avoid the filing of charges against you. Second, we begin putting together your defense in case you are actually charged with a Michigan crime. Finally, we work to do damage control in the event criminal charges are later filed against you.

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