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“Weapon” Means More in Michigan Than Just a Gun or a Knife!

  When most people hear the word ‘weapon’ they picture a gun, or possibly a knife. Maybe a baseball bat, or a pair of brass knuckles. What they don’t usually imagine is an ashtray, a beer bottle, a chair or even a car. And yet all of these things can be a weapon, when used […]

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What Are We Doing About Michigan’s Juvenile Lifers?

  In 2012, The United States Supreme Court ruled that handing down a life sentence to minor, no matter how serious their crime, was unconstitutional. Then, four years later in 2016, SCOTUS revisited the issue, and ruled that all ‘juvenile lifers’ – minors who’ve been given life sentences for the crimes they were convicted of […]

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Indecent Exposure Means More Than Just ‘Flashing’ People in Public!

  Ask the average person what the crime of Indecent Exposure‘ is, and they’ll probably tell you it means ‘flashing’ someone. (This is the part where you envision a disheveled man in a trench coat, jumping out of a hedge in front of a woman and whipping his coat open to show that he’s wearing […]

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Are ‘Geek Squad’ Computer Repair Staff Paid Informants For The FBI?

  Have you ever had your computer act up, perhaps freezing or crashing in the middle of important functions? Many people have. And what does one do, when your computer is on the fritz? Simple, you call in the experts. Whether it’s Best Buy’s Geek Squad, or your local equivalent tech gurus, the people you […]

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Talk to Your Kids About Constructive Ways to Deal With Their Anger!

  Being a kid is hard these days. Children whose ages haven’t even hit double digits yet, can be subjected to some very serious forms of bullying. In addition, there are modern challenges that children face these days, like cyber bullying, that were never an issue for earlier generations. Kids are coping with stress and […]

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Should Defendants be Required to Hear Victim Impact Statements?

  Chances are, you’ve heard about the Larry Nassar case in Ingham County and his second case in Eaton County. Maybe you also heard about his federal kiddie porn conviction. In fact, it would be hard to miss it, with the related MSU scandal, the new legislation inspired by Nassar’s charges, and the sensational sentencing […]

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Michigan Explores ‘Red Flag’ Laws and Arming Teachers!

  Last week we spent some time exploring Michigan’s gun laws, and how that impacts the second amendment rights of Michigan’s residents. However, laws change regularly. In the wake of recent school shootings, and several gun-on-campus scares that have taken place in Michigan in the last few weeks, Michigan’s legislators are considering some different approaches […]

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Be Smart! Cops on TV Are Not Cops in Real Life!

  There are loads of movies and television shows out there featuring incompetent police officers who bungle all of their investigations and somehow still manage to have jobs while the credits roll. Cops who chase suspects for three blocks before giving up, or ignore criminal activity in favor of another donut. It makes for funny […]

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Other People Are Bringing Dogs Into The Courtroom, Can I Bring Mine?

  The presence of dogs in public settings has been quickly increasing over the past few years, even in Michigan courtrooms. This phenomenon has raised much debate among prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. Our own attorneys here at The Kronzek Firm have dealt with this issue in multiple counties.     Why are dogs being […]

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Gun Control in Michigan – What Are The Facts? (Part 3)

  Welcome back, and thanks for joining us for the wrap up of our discussion on gun control in Michigan. We know that firearms laws and gun control are hot topics right now – as they should be – and we also understand that there’s a lot of misinformation floating around out there. So we’ve […]

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