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New Bill to Ban Assault Rifles in Michigan?

  A new bill to ban the sale and possession of assault rifles in Michigan has been introduced in the House as part of a package of bills. The bills, proposed by Democrat Robert Wittenberg and others, are claimed by the bill’s sponsors, to be making the residents of Michigan safer by imposing new regulations […]

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Michigan Man Denied Gun Rights Wins Appeal in Federal Court

  While it may appear at first glance that this story could only be important to the man whose federal appeal earned him the right to carry a weapon in Michigan, the implications are huge for people all over the nation. You might wonder how one man’s federal appeal impact your life or the lives […]

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City of Grand Rapids Gun Ordinance Challenged by Open Carry Group

As a criminal defense attorney, I have seen first-hand how passionate people are about their firearms rights. Gun enthusiasts believe strongly in their Second Amendment rights, and I can’t say that I blame them. The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan has recently been the site of a political controversy regarding the right to carry firearms. […]

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New Ruling on Felon’s Right to Own Firearms

In People v Minch, the Michigan Supreme court created a new rule that will be important to felons who own guns which were lawfully seized by police during the investigation of their case.  In this Muskegon County case, Mr. Minch was in lawful possession of 86 firearms at his home in the Fruitport area.  At […]

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Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney – Michigan Court of Appeals Upholds Second Amendment Constitutional Rights

The Michigan Court of Appeals recently decided the case of People vs. Minch. In the case, the Fruitport Police Department seized over 80 firearms from the home of Kurtis Minch. The police never instituted a civil forfeiture action to keep the firearms, so Minch filed a motion to order the release of the firearms. Because […]

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