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Will I be Extradited Back to Michigan if I Get Arrested in Another State?

  This question comes up once in a while and every time it does, we’re always amazed at how little people know about extradition. Then again, it isn’t something that the average person has to deal with very often (or ever!), so it makes sense that not many people would understand what’s involved. To reduce […]

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Judge Dismisses Misconduct Charge For Todd Courser

  We have been following the case of Michigan House Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat since it first became public knowledge. In addition to the scandal that erupted around their illicit affair, there was the fallout from Courser’s botched attempts to mislead the public by forcing an aide to release falsified emails. This led […]

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Two Michigan Brothers Implicated in Tunisia Terror Plot

  Two brothers from Michigan have been implicated in a terror plot in Tunisia, which is located in northern Africa. The pair were arrested for allegedly encouraging terrorism and campaigning for the introduction of Islamic law in Tunisia.   According to TunisiaLive, an English language newspaper based in Tunisia, the two men have been identified […]

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Inmates Make a Break For It – Caught Within The Hour

Two female inmates recently made a break for it while being transferred into a vehicle after a court appearance in Brighton, MI. It was less than one hour before both were back under lock and key after a massive manhunt in Livingston County.   32-year-old Lisa Finlayson of South Lyon, and 40-year-old Nicole Vermeylen of […]

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Teens Accused of Torturing and Killing Animal in Pre-Game Ritual

  Two teenaged boys have been accused of torturing and killing a guinea pig and then drinking it’s blood, as part of a pre-game ritual. The young men are students at Grosse Ile High School near Detroit, where they are players on the Lacrosse team. The incident came to light when a teacher overheard some […]

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Michigan Wrongful Conviction Righted

Quentin Carter Now Free In a tragic and utterly heartbreaking series of events that took place many years ago, a man who was already a murderer, raped a 10-year-old girl and forced her to point the finger of blame on another person. A boy who had never spoken a word to her, let alone touched […]

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Harboring a Felon in the Name of Love?

Love is blind. At least, that’s what Chaucer claimed in the early 1400’s, and it doesn’t seem to have changed much since then. Certainly not for April Marie Abare anyway, who was sentenced in the Genesee Circuit Court for harboring a felon in the name of love.

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Death Penalty for Cop Killers in Michigan?

State Senator Virgil Smith has taken on what may seem like an insurmountable task in bringing the issue of the death penalty for cop killers to the Senate floor. But according to Smith, he promised one of his constituents that he wouldn’t let 2015 pass without having addressed the issue.

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Detroit Murder Trial

Wafer / McBride Trial Update Theodore Wafer, who is facing 2nd degree murder charges for the fatal shooting of Renisha McBride, has spent the last week in the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit. He is accused of murdering the 19-year-old Detroit woman. However, he claims he shot her entirely out of self-defense. On […]

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Fowlerville Teacher Poisoning

No Charges Filed Against Student The 17-year-old Fowlerville student accused of poisoning his math teacher’s coffee with visine, will not be facing criminal charges. The decision was made following an investigation conducted by the Fowlerville police department and the Livingston County prosecutor’s office. Mary Aldecoa, the victim of the teacher poisoning, believes that she was […]

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