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Livingston County CSC Lawyers

Howell Police Department Vehicle If you have been charged with a sex crime by the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office, or had false allegations of sexual abuse made against you, you need to take immediate action. This is critical, and it cannot be put off or postponed. Don’t make the mistake of “waiting it out,” hoping that the accusations will go away on their own. They won’t. They never do.

Acting quickly and aggressively is critical to the success of your case. You need an expert CSC attorney on your side. A professional with years of experience handling this particular type of case. And we can offer you that.

At The Kronzek Firm we are skilled and dedicated professionals with decades of combined experience defending individuals accused of sex crimes in Livingston County. But one of the most important aspects of a successful defense is an early defense. Which is why you need to call us immediately. Because the sooner you have one of the best attorneys in the state working for you, fighting to defend you against false allegations and protect your rights against violations, your case has a better chance of success.

Livingston CSC Defense

Livingston County Sheriff Vehicle It is a widely known fact that a criminal record will damage your chances of getting a good job, and can do lasting damage to your reputation within your community. But a sex crime conviction is a different ball game altogether.

A CSC conviction will leave you with a terrible social stigma that is almost impossible to get away from. In addition, you will have to register as a sex offender in Michigan, which leaves you with a label that permanently excludes you from social events, most jobs and any events or field trips tied to your children’s school.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a sex crime of any kind, you are going to need the experts on your side as soon as possible. So don’t wait to get help. Every minute that passes, provides opportunities for law enforcement investigators and prosecutors to violate your rights and your invade privacy. The sooner you have a skilled defense attorney working for you, the sooner you can ensure that your case is being handled properly and professionally.

Howell Criminal Sexual Conduct Cases

One of the most important things you will do, now that you are facing a CSC charge, is choose an attorney. And the faster you do that, the better. Many people pay a very high price for waiting to get legal representation, or for choosing an inferior defense attorney.

Sex crimes are considered to be some of the most serious crimes, and carry very serious punishments, depending upon the conviction. Someone convicted of a sex crime could end up in prison for the rest of their life if the case is mismanaged, or they are poorly represented.

In addition to a badly handled case or an inexperienced attorney, there are some very critical mistakes that people sometimes make that can have a disastrous effect on their case. Which is why it is so critical that, during these early stages, you are careful to follow these basic guidelines:

  • Don’t grant an interview to the police, the sheriff, or any CPS personnel without discussing it with your attorney first.
  • Don’t submit to a police polygraph, unless you have already taken a private and confidential polygraph with your attorney.
  • Don’t continue to communicate in any way with the person who is accusing you of a sex crime. Even if they claim to have been forced into a confession and tell you that they don’t intend to press charges.
  • Don’t try to defend yourself or “explain your side of the story.” This is almost always detrimental to your case, and usually does more harm than good.
  • Don’t discuss any aspect of your case with anyone other than your attorney, including close friends or family members who support your innocence.
  • If a child is accusing you, don’t take the child to see a counselor or therapist, and don’t seek out counseling or therapy for yourself without first discussing it with your attorney.

Victims In the Courtroom

As attorneys, we are aware of just how easy it can be for someone to make an allegation of sexual assault or child molestation, and how difficult it can be for the accused to disprove it. For example, we regularly defend individuals who are victims of lies told by vindictive ex spouses, hoping to sway the court’s decision in their favor during high-conflict divorces and custody battles.

Another example of false allegations of CSC arises with the suggestive questioning techniques employed by social workers and CPS case workers. But we are experienced in dealing with words that are intentionally twisted, and testimonies that are misconstrued in order to point the false finger of guilt. We know that children are often eager to please, and will frequently give a false answer to certain promptings if they think it will make the adult they are with happy.

Cross examining the alleged victims, both adults and children, in the courtroom, requires a lot of finesse. It can be tricky to determine when to push and when to hold back. When to show compassion and when to dig deeper in order to expose lies and falsehoods. But that is what an experienced attorney offers – skill and understanding that have been carefully honed via countless trials. A great many of which were victories for us.

At The Kronzek Firm, we are skilled and dedicated professionals with years of combined experience defending individuals accused of sex crimes. We can provide you with the guidance, legal protection, and help that you need during this time of hardship and stress.

We Can Defend You

At The Kronzek Firm, we are committed to protecting your rights, regardless of what you have been accused of. The attorneys at our firm are known for sympathy and understanding in their dealings with clients in addition to their hard-working and tenacious approach to cases. If you or a loved one are facing sex crime charges, call The Kronzek Firm immediately to secure representation from attorneys who have a long and widely respected record of success fighting CSC charges.

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