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Cheboygan County Criminal Attorneys

Cheboygan County Defense Team:

If you are facing charges in Cheboygan County, you may find yourself in a struggle with the law that you can’t win alone. That is why you need a top flight Cheboygan county criminal defense team. The experienced attorneys of The Kronzek Firm PLC are just a phone call away. We will make sure that you get the powerful representation you need and deserve.

Whether you’ve been arrested, think you may be charged, or are being investigated for a crime, it’s never too late or too early to get the help you need to stand up to law enforcement and prosecutors. Our attorneys will aggressively defend your rights and give you the advice and representation you will need to defend yourself against the police detectives, prosecutors and your accusers.

Don’t let the police twist your words. Be cooperative, but assert your right to have an attorney present if they ask you any questions about your case. With us on your side, the police won’t be able to harass or intimidate you anymore.

Our phone lines are open 24/7 and our attorneys always have time to sit down and discuss your case with you. With so much at stake, you can’t afford to put your case in less qualified hands. Call 1-866-7-NOJAIL immediately.


Criminal Cases within Cheboygan County Courts:

If you have a pending case in Cheboygan County, don’t leave your fate to chance. The The Kronzek Firm team can help! Contact us today (866)7NO-jail.

A Few of Our Proven Results:

Crimes Involving Vehicles
  • OUIL (2nd Offense) – Not Guilty
  • OWI / Drunk Driving – Pled to careless driving
  • OUIL causing Death – Dismissed at Preliminary Examinatin
Crimes Against People
  • Assault & Battery – Not Guilty
  • Kidnapping – Not guilty by Jury Trial
  • Assault with a Dangerous Weapon – Not Guilty
Sex Crimes
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 1st and 2nd Degrees – Not Guilty
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct Third (3rd) Degree (Rape) – Not Guilty
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree – Not Guilty

We have hundreds of favorable results throughout Michigan. Read more Michigan criminal defense case results of The Kronzek Firm PLC.
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Court / Division Address / Number Judges
53rd Circuit Court Cheboygan County Building
870 South Main Street
Cheboygan, MI, 49721
(231) 627-8818
Honorable Scott L. Pavlich, Chief Judge
89th District Court Cheboygan County Building
870 South Main Street
Cheboygan, MI, 49721
(231) 627-8809
Honorable Maria I. Barton
Honorable Donald McLennan,
Cheboygan County Probate Court Cheboygan County Building
870 South Main Street
Cheboygan, MI, 49721
(231) 627-8823
Honorable Robert J. Butts
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