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Howell Child Abuse Attorneys

Most parents take the care and protection of their children extremely serious.  When they Mom, Dad & Childare accused of child abuse, neglect or failure to protect, it can be challenging.  When a false allegation of neglect or abuse is leveled at a parent, dealing with Children’s Protective Services, police, courts, prosecutors and guardian ad litems can be difficult.  There is no need to face this alone.  The attorneys at The Kronzek Firm are effective and experienced child abuse attorneys.  If you need the assistance of one of our Howell child abuse attorneys, you can contact us online, or call (866) 766-5245.  We have attorneys    on call 24/7 who can assist you.

Howell Child Abuse / Neglect Lawyers

20140929_162857 When CPS investigators first become involved in your life, it is important to quickly determine the severity of the report they are investigating.  CPS workers are very good at making parents feel like they are hiding something if they want a lawyer to help them.  As a result, it is very easy to make mistakes that ultimately hurt your parental rights.    Recent case law supports the fact that you have constitutional rights when you are being investigated, yet Department of Human Services workers often violate those rights.  The best practice is consult with a knowledgable attorney early on in the process.

Under Michigan law, there are a large number of people must report actual or suspected child abuse.  These people are often referred to as mandatory reporters.  Because not reporting a suspicious bruise, an injury or a even a comment from a child can be criminal, mandatory reporters err on the side of caution and over-report.  When this happens, CPS workers must investigate all instances where the report has any potential merit.

Contact an Experienced Howell Child Abuse Attorney

The advantages of having an experienced attorney when your parental rights are being challenged cannot be overstated.  Your case is unique and the details are very important.  Most of the time, general information is not good enough.  You need an attorney who will take the time to sift through the details of your family history, the allegations you are dealing with, the family makeup, your CPS and criminal history.  You need an attorney who will listen carefully to your story hear your concerns.

Parents often ask questions like:

  • Do I have to let a CPS worker interview my children?
  • Can CPS go into my child’s school and talk to my son / daughter?
  • Do I have to let CPS or the Police come into my home?
  • Do I have to sign a release for my child’s medical records?
  • Do I have to submit to a urine test or drug swab?
  • Do I have to enter into a service agreement?

Generally, you do not have to do anything CPS asks of you unless they have a court order or are acting on an actual emergency.  However, there is always more to the story.  These questions are excellent question, but you should also be asking what will happen if you don’t comply.  This is a question that requires the assistance of an experienced and knowledgable attorney.  Early involvement from an attorney often saves families thousands of dollars.

Howell Child Abuse Defense

Howell, Michigan Police StationA child abuse case can be either a civil case or a criminal prosecution.  In either case, you are likely to have your case reviewed by the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.  This is because they are the attorney that represents DHS / CPS petitioners in most cases.  Criminal Cases can be brought by the Michigan Attorney General, but are most likely brought by the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.  Either way, criminal child abuse allegations are extremely serious matters and must be aggressively defended.  In many instances, you could be facing both criminal and civil cases simultaneously.  Our firm has helped many parents with charges like:

  • Failure to Protect
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Abusive Head Trauma
  • Allegations of Intentionally Inflicted Injury
  • Munchausen by Proxy
  • Child Endangerment
  • Drug Abuse / Methamphetamine manufacturing  in the home
  • Domestic Violence in the home
  • Educational Neglect
  • Medical Neglect
  • Allegations of Criminal Sexual Conduct

None of these are situations you would want to face without a good attorney helping you.  We offer free initial assessments of your case and have attorneys on call 24/7.

Families Prevent Child Abuse

The number one resource for the prevention of child abuse is a healthy family.  That is why we are staunch advocates for families.  The incidence of child abuse is substantially less in healthy families.  We view our job as trying to build families up, trying to keep families together and trying to advocate for family solutions to problems when they arise.  If you need additional resources to help prevent child abuse, you might consider the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Child Information Gateway.

Immediate Help for your Howell Child Neglect / Abuse Case.

We have been helping families defend against false allegation of child abuse and neglect for around 20 years.  Our service are included Livingston County and all of the lower peninsula of Michigan.  If you are looking for help keeping you family together, avoiding jail or prison, and keeping your parental rights intact, call us.  In most instances, we can be sitting down with one of our Howell Michigan child abuse lawyers  in less than 24 hours.

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