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Howell CSC Defense Attorneys

Livingston County Circuit Court

Livingston County Circuit Court

The attorneys at The Kronzek Firm know how to defend Howell CSC cases.  We have been defending criminal sexual conduct cases in Michigan for about 20 years.  We have won difficult trials and helped many clients falsely accused, arrested, overcharged and prosecuted for sex crimes.  If you need our help, you can contact us online or call 866-766-5245.

Howell, Michigan Sex Crime Defense

Howell Police Department VehicleFinding the best Howell CSC attorney to may not be an easy task.  Many attorneys make claims based on their years of practice or close relationships with judges and prosecutors.  A criminal sexual conduct lawyer, especially one who knows how to defend  child allegation case, is actually not that common.  You need to look below the surface and find an attorney whose training and experience will benefit you.  Here are some questions that you should ask of any law firm that you are looking at:

  • Have you ever tried and won a CSC case?
  • Have you ever tried and won DNA / CSC cases?
  • Have you ever tried and won child allegation cases?
  • Have you ever tried and won cases with “other acts”  or 404b witnesses?
  • Do you have any special training in forensic interview protocols?

Our team would answer a resounding “Yes!” to all of these questions.  We understand how to defend rape cases, statutory rape cases, child pornography cases, and every type of criminal sexual conduct cases in Livingston County and throughout Michigan.

Howell CSC / Sex Crime Lawyers

CMK 2.28.14Charles M. Kronzek

Mr Kronzek is a founding partner and has many years of successfully defending CSC cases.  He has worked in Howell courts and in many other court systems throughout Michigan.  He started winning CSC cases in his first year out of law school and has been successfully defending clients ever since.  He is available for consultations at (866) 766-5245.

Whether your case is criminal sexual conduct, accosting a minor, child pornography, you will find yourself in good hands if you are working with “Chuck” Kronzek.  He is a formidable opponent to the sex crime prosecutors in Livingston County.

Defending Sex Crime Cases in Howell / Livingston

Sex crimes are some of the most serious prosecutions in Michigan courts.  If you have a loved one that is facing this dilemma, you can’t afford to settle for a garden variety attorney.  You owe it to yourself to consult with us before making a decision about what lawyer should handle the case.  We offer free consultations to potential clients and their family.

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