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Do You Know The Truth About Federal Gun Laws? (Pt 2)

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for this chat about federal gun laws, and how they may differ from what you’re used to hearing about here in Michigan. After all, most people are familiar with the gun laws of their state, and here in the Great Lakes State our clients are usually aware […]

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Do You Know The Truth About Federal Gun Laws? (Pt 1)

Gun laws are a controversial subject. People tend to take a hard line stance on guns and gun laws, regardless of which side of the line they stand on. And we’re certainly not here to tell you where you should or shouldn’t stand on the issue of gun laws. However, what we have noticed is […]

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New Gun Background Check Bill Has Bipartisan Support From Michigan

Gun rights are a controversial subject here in the United States, and Michigan is no different. Where you stand on the political spectrum often indicates where you stand on the issue of gun rights and firearm freedoms. But a new bill introduced last month in Washington which would make background checks mandatory for almost all […]

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They Said I Had a Weapon But I Didn’t! What Should I do Now? (Pt 1)

  Nothing feels worse than being accused of something you didn’t do! And being accused of certain crimes here in Michigan can actually feel like you’re being accused of something you never did, when in fact you’re just getting caught up in a legal technicality. This happens in several cases when people are charged with […]

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New Law Would Let Police Take Guns From “Potentially Dangerous” People!

  U.S. Representatives Debbie Dingell and Fred Upton of Michigan are pushing for bipartisan ‘red flag’ legislation in Congress. The laws, if passed, would allow state and local law enforcement officers to take guns from people considered “potentially dangerous” without a warrant. The legislation was introduced to the U.S. House with Representatives Susan Brooks of […]

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Is Arming Michigan’s Teacher’s The Answer? 3 Teachers Try it Out!

  In the wake of the most recent mass shooting in a Florida school, and some threats of similar violence here in Michigan that have followed, legislators are looking for solutions. However, coming up with ways to deter the threat of violence in our schools is a major challenge, and one that has caused a […]

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“Weapon” Means More in Michigan Than Just a Gun or a Knife!

  When most people hear the word ‘weapon’ they picture a gun, or possibly a knife. Maybe a baseball bat, or a pair of brass knuckles. What they don’t usually imagine is an ashtray, a beer bottle, a chair or even a car. And yet all of these things can be a weapon, when used […]

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Michigan Explores ‘Red Flag’ Laws and Arming Teachers!

  Last week we spent some time exploring Michigan’s gun laws, and how that impacts the second amendment rights of Michigan’s residents. However, laws change regularly. In the wake of recent school shootings, and several gun-on-campus scares that have taken place in Michigan in the last few weeks, Michigan’s legislators are considering some different approaches […]

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Gun Control in Michigan – What Are The Facts? (Part 3)

  Welcome back, and thanks for joining us for the wrap up of our discussion on gun control in Michigan. We know that firearms laws and gun control are hot topics right now – as they should be – and we also understand that there’s a lot of misinformation floating around out there. So we’ve […]

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Gun Control in Michigan – What Are The Facts? (Part 2)

  Welcome back and thanks for joining us for this discussion on gun rights in Michigan. After the recent school shooting, we know that the issue of gun rights are a hot topic, and everyone has got an opinion about how this issue should be handled. But as we pointed out in our previous article, […]

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