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Confused About Computer Crime in Michigan? Let’s Take a Look…

  ‘Computer crimes’ is a very vague description. The only thing that’s obvious about it, is that whatever crimes are being alluded to, require the use of a computer. However, that could be almost anything these days. From hacking and fraud, to child pornography, there’s a huge number of crimes that fall under the umbrella […]

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CLOUD: Big Brother Really Might be Watching You!

  When we talk about the cloud these days, we’re talking about online space used to store digital data. Or weather. Or whatever. But when the government talks about CLOUD, they’re talking about the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act, which is a completely different thing!   So what is CLOUD exactly? Oh, just […]

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Cyberbullying Might Soon be a Crime in Michigan!

  We live in a digital age, and our lives have evolved to reflect that. Crimes are committed online, games are played online, affairs are started online, and friendships are sustained online. We live our lives in a partially digital reality, and it’s evident in every aspect of what we do. From dating apps to […]

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Digital Crimes Leave Digital Breadcrumbs… For Cops to Follow!

  You might feel alone, sitting in the dark in your house, with no one else around. But if you’re online, whatever you’re doing can be traced back to you. It’s a fact that many people in Michigan forget while they’re committing crimes with their computers. Whether it’s downloading child pornography, looking up instructions to […]

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Are ‘Geek Squad’ Computer Repair Staff Paid Informants For The FBI?

  Have you ever had your computer act up, perhaps freezing or crashing in the middle of important functions? Many people have. And what does one do, when your computer is on the fritz? Simple, you call in the experts. Whether it’s Best Buy’s Geek Squad, or your local equivalent tech gurus, the people you […]

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Computer Crimes Are a Real Threat! Stay Safe With These Tips.

  Over the years, we’ve defended many people accused of cyber crime in Michigan. We understand that the terms “computer crimes” and “cyber crime” are ever-evolving, as technology develops and advances with every passing year. If we’re going to stay great at what we do, we need to understand and embrace the constant changes. We […]

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What Happens if I Accidentally Downloaded Child Pornography?

  Getting caught with child porn pictures on your smartphone or laptop would be a personal disaster almost like being accused of molesting your own children. You would likely lose your job, your friends would abandon you, and your community would turn against you! But what if it wasn’t true? What if the only thing […]

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Is Cyber Bullying Going to Become Illegal in Michigan?

  The subject of cyberbullying has been on the rise in recent years, as has the problem of online bullying itself. As the world becomes more connected, and social media plays a more integral role in people’s daily lives, instances of bullying via the internet have grown in frequency.   However, while the discussion surrounding […]

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Evidence 101: Cyber Crimes And How They’re Solved (Part 2)

  Thanks for joining The Kronzek Firm again as we unpack the fascinating subject of cyber crime and how it’s solved. In our previous article we looked at exactly what a computer forensic investigator does, and what types of crimes they can assist in investigating. Moving forward, we are going to take a look at […]

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Evidence 101: Cyber Crimes And How They’re Solved (Part 1)

  When you hear the words “crime scene”, the picture that often comes to mind is one of blood spatter, bullet holes, and possibly a chalk outline. Would you be correct? Certainly, but not all the time. More and more crimes are taking place online, and the evidence involved has nothing to do with physical […]

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