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Will Federal Sentencing Guidelines Affect Your Michigan Criminal Case?

We don’t actually get asked this question a lot. And not because we don’t handle our fair share of federal cases. Actually, it’s probably because most people don’t even know what federal sentencing guidelines are, or what role they would play in a criminal case. So in the interest of  helping our readers be better […]

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New Information on FBI’s Terrorism Suspect from Michigan

It has only been a few weeks since 29-year-old Sebastian Gregerson was arrested for attempting to buy illegal arms from an undercover agent posing as a weapons dealer. Since then,  a lot of information has come to light in that time and FBI documents have revealed some of it to the curious public.   Gregerson, […]

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Federal Government to Stop Use of Private Prisons

  Just days ago the federal government announced that it intended to stop its years-long practice of using privately run prisons to house inmates. The plan, explained in a memo that instructs officials to either decline to renew private prison operators’ contracts when they expire or “substantially reduce” the contracts’ scope, plans to phase out […]

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Michigan Man Arrested For Impersonating FBI Agent…Again

Kevin Ladon Balfour, a 62-year-old native of Warren, Michigan, has been accused of impersonating an FBI agent for the second time. What makes his impersonations different from a number of other people’s attempts over the years to fool others into believing that they were federal agents, is that Balfour pretended to be a corrupt agent […]

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President Reduces Detroit-Area Man’s Sentence

In a recent article we discussed the fact that President Obama has dedicated a significant portion of his final year in office to shortening the prison sentences of people primarily convicted of federal nonviolent crimes. Note that the President of the United States can only alter sentences for federal convictions and not for state of […]

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DOJ Working to Address Mental Illness in Criminal Courts

Department of Justice Hopes to Ease Strain on Criminal Court There is a long history of tenuous relations between the courts of the criminal justice system and the mental health community. And rightly so. After all, the number of mentally ill people behind bars in the Unites States is unprecedented and continues to grow. People […]

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Federal Undocumented Immigrants Charge

Novi Restaurateur Charged After Fire Kills Five Undocumented Immigrants Roger Tam and his wife, Ada Lei, who live in Novi and own the Chinese restaurant Kim’s Garden, are in a lot of trouble for a house fire that killed five undocumented Mexican immigrants. According to police, the couple are now facing federal charges as a […]

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Michigan Art Dealer Arrested for Wire Fraud

Federal Wire Fraud Charges for Selling Fake Masterpieces Eric Ian Spoutz, the 32-year-old art dealer from the Detroit area, was arrested recently for allegedly selling fake “masterpieces” to art collectors, and claiming that they are the real thing.

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Former Federal Prison Guard Indicted for Bribery

  According to a press release put out by the United States Attorney’s Office (Eastern District of Michigan), a former federal prison guard is facing charges for bribery. John Jake Froehly, a 36-year-old from Newport, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of bribery.

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Federal Interstate Robbery Charges

Five Detroit people charged in Wisconsin robbery According to a recent press release from the FBI, four men and one woman from the Detroit area have been federally indicted for robbing a jewelry store in West Bend, Wisconsin.

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