New Information on FBI’s Terrorism Suspect from Michigan

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It has only been a few weeks since 29-year-old Sebastian Gregerson was arrested for attempting to buy illegal arms from an undercover agent posing as a weapons dealer. Since then,  a lot of information has come to light in that time and FBI documents have revealed some of it to the curious public.


Gregerson, who calls himself Abdurrahman Bin Mikaayl, was apprehended during an FBI set up where he bought five fragmentation grenades from an undercover officer. The grenades, it seems, were to be added to his already substantial weapons cache. Federal agents that raided his Michigan home later that same day said that Gregerson has a huge stockpile of weapons and survivalist gear.


Among his laptops, phones and computers that FBI agents seized from Gregerson’s home, the feds also took a great deal of weaponry. Included in the arsenal were seven rifles, two AK-47 assault rifles, a shotgun, handguns, thousands of rounds of ammunition and several tactical knives. The knives were apparently similar to those used by Islamic extremists in their beheading videos that are sometimes posted online.


Warrant allowed FBI agents to search Gregerson’s home

According to the FBI, the warrant that agents received gave them permission to search Gregerson’s home, dig up his yard, and access an underground munitions storage container. No information has been provided on whether or not agents were able to locate the buried munitions container that the FBI was convinced Gregerson had.


One thing agents did not find that they were sure they would uncover during their searches, was evidence that Gregerson was providing any form of material support to a foreign terrorist organization. This may be why Gregerson has not been charged with a terrorism related charge. Federal agents have not stopped looking yet.


During the course of the 16 month investigation the FBI conducted, during which time an undercover agent met with Gregerson many times, officials say that Gregerson spoke in praise of violence and was openly supportive of the terror attacks on Paris and Orlando. These conversations were always secretly recorded.


Another conversation that FBI agents recorded was allegedly one that included Gregerson threatening violence against American Muslim Imams. The conversation allegedly took place in May in a local restaurant, where Gregerson and the undercover agent were meeting.


A number of local Muslim leaders entered the restaurant and Gregerson recognized them. He then talked to the agent about committing acts of violence against them and referred to the acts as being akin to “shooting fish in a barrell.” At another meeting, which took place in a park, Gregerson is said to have spotted a park ranger and talked about how best to launch an attack.


During the course of the investigation, Gregerson apparently expressed his open support for the Islamic State extremists on a regular basis. He also said that he wanted to move his wife and twin 4-year-old sons to an Islamic State territory and live there permanently.


According to David Gelios, special agent in charge of the Detroit field office. “..The FBI prioritizes the investigation of terrorist organizations and the homegrown violent extremists that they inspire. Terrorism is something that requires constant vigilance on the part of the public and routine coordination with all of our public and private partners.”


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