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What Do I Do If I Get Caught With Drugs in Michigan?

  The quick answer to that question is “call The Kronzek Firm immediately!” But we figured you wanted a little more than a single sentence. After all, drug charges are pretty complicated, even if you break it down. So here goes…   If you get caught with marijuana….   This situation has no “one, simple […]

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Cocaine in Michigan: What You Need to Know (Part 3)

  Thanks for joining us as we wrap up this conversation on cocaine and the laws that govern its use in Michigan. If you’re only just joining us now, we highly recommend that you spend a few minutes catching up. If however, you’ve been with from the start, welcome back and buckle up – we’re […]

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Cocaine in Michigan: What You Need to Know (Part 2)

  Welcome back and thanks for joining us here at The Kronzek Firm. We’re in the process of unpacking the subject of cocaine, both it’s history and it’s current consequences under Michigan law. Moving forward, we’re going to answer more of your questions about cocaine, and hopefully give you a clearer picture of what you’re […]

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Cocaine in Michigan: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

  Cocaine tends to be portrayed as a glamorous drug by Hollywood – the illicit pleasure of the rich and famous. Unlike it’s inelegant cousin, crack cocaine, who has a reputation for being the drug of choice for less-than-savory characters, cocaine is often depicted as a high society alternative to alcohol. Something one uses at […]

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Anabolic Steroids in Michigan: What You Need To Know

  Heroin, cocaine and prescription meds are drugs you hear about all the time. Anabolic steroids, however, seem to have taken a backseat in recent years, unless of course you happen to follow professional sports news. Even then, it just isn’t a subject that gets a lot of press time anymore. But why not? Are […]

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MAPS Update: Michigan’s Fight Against Opioid Addiction

  If you read our blog with any regularity, you’ll remember the article we posted a while ago about MAPS – the Michigan Automated Prescription System. MAPS is the state’s answer to the current opioid addiction problem. It’s an online database that tracks prescription drugs, who they were issued to, and which doctor wrote the […]

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New Legislation in Michigan Aims To Fight The Opioid Epidemic

  Drug use is rising, both in Michigan and all over the United State. This is common knowledge. So if the ‘war on drugs‘ has been declared a failure and substance abuse is actually worse now than it was when the government first decided to crack down on the use and abuse of illicit substances, […]

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Officer Harmed By Booby Trap During Marijuana Investigation

  A Wyoming, Michigan police officer was recently harmed by a booby trap in Kent County.  While responding to a burglar alarm at a medical marijuana growing operation the office fell victim to the booby trap. He will be on crutches for weeks, authorities say. As for the man who set the booby traps – […]

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Teacher Suspended After Giving Students Meth Cooking Instructions!

  Although this surprising situation took place in Canada and not here in Michigan, it has made headlines all over the US, and so we felt it was important to share with you. According to numerous media outlets, a teacher in Ontario distributed very detailed instructions on how to cook and inject methamphetamines to his eighth grade […]

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What You Need To Know About Meth in Michigan

  Methamphetamine, also known by numerous other pseudonyms such as meth, ice, crank, glass, geeter, trash, and christina, is a concentrated, crystallized form of illegally manufactured methamphetamine. It is a highly addictive and very dangerous drug. If you live in Michigan then there are some important facts that you need to know about meth.   […]

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