A New Michigan Law Will Require Warning Labels on Recreational Marijuana!

One of the biggest subjects of concern for some people here in Michigan, when recreational marijuana became legal was that people would use it without thinking of the unintended consequences it may have for children. Specifically, if pregnant and nursing mothers used marijuana and it affected their babies, and parents of young children used it in ways that made it potentially accessible to their kids. What’s the solution? One answer to that question is to provide a warning to new moms.

Warning: No minors can ingest weed according to Michigan law

Michigan law is very clear about who can use recreational weed, and kids are NOT on that list! Under Michigan’s new recreational marijuana laws, pot is only legally available to people over the age of 21. But what happens when the person using the weed is an adult who happens to be pregnant. All of their choices have an immediate effect on their growing baby, which includes the ingestion of marijuana. So what does the law say about pregnant women using marijauna? Can they do it, or does it count as child abuse once the baby’s born?

This is a big grey area, making it difficult to address

While the law is very clear about exposing children to marijuana, and the fact that no one under 21 can use the drug, there isn’t anything on the books stating that moms-to-be can’t smoke pot or eat medibles during pregnancy. However, as soon as that baby’s born and the hospital blood tests come back positive for THC, you better believe that mom is going to have to answer to CPS for her choices. So this is clearly a very complex subject, and many people believe a warning is in order.

There is a potential danger to developing babies 

Although there is a considerable body of research and evidence to support claims that medical marijuana can be used effectively to manage pain, seizures, muscle spasms and nausea resulting from cancer treatment, it can have adverse effects on a child’s developing brain – and that includes the brain of a developing fetus. “With marijuana use becoming more widely accepted, the public’s perception of danger has gone down,” says State Representative Thomas Albert who co-authored a new bill. “We must do more to inform the public and protect unborn and newborn babies from exposure to harmful marijuana products.” 

What exactly do the new bills say?

Under the new laws, all marijuana products sold in Michigan will need the following:

  • Labels clearly explaining that marijuana affects the brains of developing fetuses and newborns, and warning pregnant and nursing mothers not to use it,
  • An informational pamphlet will need to be provided at every point of sale that provides information on the effects of marijuana on minors, and includes the poison control hotline in case of accidental ingestion by a child.

The new bill was widely supported by the House and Senate

There was overwhelming support for this bill package, first in the Senate, and then in the House, where it was passed on a 105 – 4 vote. One of the bills needed three-fourths support in both chambers because it would be amending the law that made marijuana legal for recreational use. The bills are now headed for Governor Whitmer’s desk, where she is expected to sign them without delay.

Kids and babies with drugs in their systems can spell trouble!

Marijuana may be legal in Michigan, but if there’s any chance your kids may have access to it, or your baby may have it in their bloodstream after birth, you could be looking at some serious fallout. CPS may get involved, which means you might be looking at having your kids taken away by the state. The police will likely investigate, which means you may face criminal charges. All in all, you’d be wise to call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 as soon as you know there’s any chance you may be accused of a drug-related crime, and get one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys on your team.

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