Exactly How Much Pot is in your ‘Michigan Medibles’?

medibles containing chocolate
It seems the presence of chocolate in a medible makes it very difficult to pinpoint the potency…

One of the longest-running arguments against the legalization and widespread consumption of marijuana-laced food products in Michigan is the fact that these foodstuffs aren’t properly regulated. There are hundreds of strains of marijuana being grown right now, and each strain contains differing levels of THC and other intoxicating compounds.

That makes it very difficult to tell exactly how potent, or how effective a particular strain will be. And once that plant has been distilled down into an oil, or infused into a butter that can be used in cooking, there’s no way to know how much of something you have to eat for it to start working (or for it to be too much!).

Current research is revealing some interesting facts about medibles…

As if keeping track of the different strains and potency levels isn’t already hard enough, a recent scientific discovery has shown that it may actually be impossible to accurately pinpoint the potency of certain medibles. Specifically, the ones made with chocolate. The reasons for this are unclear, but one theory is that the THC clings to the fat molecules in the chocolate, which disguises them, making them harder to detect.

Chemists working for marijuana companies around the country have been working to determine potency testing protocols, single out certain compounds, and even Apparently the presence of chocolate in a medible throws off potency testing, making it very difficult for chemists to determine exactly how potent the item is. And the more chocolate there is in a medible, the less accurate the results.

Be extra careful when buying ‘medibles’ containing chocolate!

Many commercially available marijuana items are labeled these days. However, the reality is that very few of them are accurately tested. And even those that are can’t guarantee that the results are accurate. And of course, after the recent debacle, where Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency filed a formal complaint against Iron Labs in Walled Lake for, among other things, not reporting medibles that tested above the state’s potency limit for THC.

Although, as of yet, there have been no reports filed of adverse reactions among users of marijuana products tested at Iron Labs, Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency is cautioning the public to be wary when using marijuana products tested by Iron Labs. MRA Executive Director Andrew Brisbo said in a statement recently that the agency is “intensely focused on making sure that the marijuana product in the regulated industry meets (Michigan’s) established safety standards.”

Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean you can relax!

Marijuana may be legal in Michigan, but that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. There are still limits on who can use it, how much you can have, and how you can purchase it. In addition, for all those rules and regulations, don’t forget that marijuana – for any reason and in any quantity – is still illegal according to the federal government. Which means you could be entirely within the boundaries of state law and still end up in a federal prison.

So be smart and call 866 766 5245 if you get busted by the feds for pot, or get into trouble with the local cops for any reason! Our skilled drug crime defense attorneys can help. We’ve been fighting for our clients for the last quarter of a century. 

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