Are Violent Crime Numbers Going Up In Michigan?

During the start of the pandemic last year, many crime statistics went down. People were staying home, so drunk driving arrests weren’t as common (at least, in some states)! However, that certainly wasn’t the case for all crimes. Burglaries, sexual assaults, and robberies saw fewer overall numbers, but murders and shootings actually increased here in Michigan and in fact, all over the USA. But what about now? What type of numbers has 2021 ushered in, and are they any better than last year’s stats? 

A dirty wall at a crime scene, with a bloody handprint, some blood spatter, and the word "crime" scrawled on the tile in blood, symbolizing violence and criminal activity.

The last year’s data shows an increase in violent crime in Michigan

The truth is, we don’t have the stats for 2021 yet. The year isn’t even over yet, making it impossible for data analysts at the FBI or the Michigan State Police to give accurate numbers for our state. And once the year does end, it’s a monumental effort to gather all that information from all the different  law enforcement agencies  around the state, analyze it all, and compare it to the data gathered at a national level from the other 49 states. So all we have to share with you right now is the data from 2020’s crime statistics which were recently released. And it’s a bit alarming…

Violent crimes increased by nearly 30% in Michigan

According to the FBI, Michigan’s homicide rate went up a full 30% last year, which is a full 9% increase from the previous year, and significantly higher than the 5.2% increase that represents the national rise in homicide rates. Many other violent crimes saw increases in Michigan as well, including aggravated battery, which was actually the most common violent crime committed in Michigan in 2020, with a grand total of 36,186 cases reported last year. The second most common violent crime was rape (5,966 cases reported), followed by robbery (4,424 cases), and then homocide (751 cases).

Gun related crimes also saw significant increase in Michigan last year

The FBI also reported that guns were used in about 33% of violent crimes involving weapons. Interestingly, in the majority of cases, both the victims and the offenders were between the ages of 20 and 29 years of age. Here in Michigan, 72% of the offenders were men, while 21% were women, and 7% were categorized as unknown. In 59% of cases, violent crimes took place in a residence, and in 20% of cases, the crimes were committed by someone the victim knew personally. Also, there were 20 instances in 2021 where unsecured guns were involved in the deaths of 20 Michigan minors.

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