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Traverse City: Soliciting Murder

Former Leelanau Prosecutor Charged Clarence Gomery, a well-known Traverse City attorney and the man who once served as the Leelanau County prosecutor and also assistant prosecutor in Grand Traverse County, has been arraigned on charges of soliciting murder. According to police, Gomery attempted to hire someone to murder Christopher Cooke, the attorney who represented Gomery’s […]

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Eastern Michigan Football Player Murder

Trial Scheduled in Washtenaw County The two young men charged with the killing of Eastern Michigan University football player, Demarius Reed, are scheduled to stand trial in the Washtenaw County Trial Court in Ann Arbor. Reed was found shot to death in the early morning hours of October 18th 2013, in the stairwell of an […]

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Detroit Gay Pride Festival Beating

Suspect Arrested in Assault Christian Howard, a 20-year-old hairdresser from Detroit, was attacked and beaten during Detroit’s 2014 Motor City Gay Pride Festival last weekend. According to the cell phone video that captured the event, there were as many as seven male attackers who punched and kicked him for about a minute before running away. […]

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Detroit Based Heroin Ring Busted

Final Arrest Made in Inter-state Heroin Trafficking Operation The final person said to be involved in an inter-state heroin trafficking ring based out of Detroit, has been arrested and is in custody. Kevin Perino Foy Jr., of Detroit, MI was arrested last week in Michigan on warrants out of Kentucky. In the first half of […]

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Attempt to Hire Hitman lands Michigan Women in Prison

Hire Hitman? No…He Was Actually an Undercover Officer Diane Marie Hart, 45, from Ravenna, MI, and her older sister, Vicky Lynn Brill, 50, have both been sentenced to prison for attempting to hire a hitman to kill Hart’s husband. The hitman, as it turned out, was an undercover Michigan state police officer. He recorded the […]

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Ann Arbor Drug Bust: Police Chase and Crash Results in 3 Arrests

Heroin, Crack Cocaine and Prescription Pills Found in Car On Tuesday, April 22nd, a tip led police to seek out a drug transaction in Ann Arbor, MI. What transpired was far more extensive and unexpected. After a brief police chase, resulting in a car crash in the middle of a busy intersection, 3 people were […]

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Man Arrested in Constantine, MI for Felony Perjury In Connection with 2007 Murder

Former Constantine Reserve Police Officer Charged Raymond McCann, a 46 year old resident of Constantine, Michigan was arraigned April 19, 2014 on felony perjury charges stemming from an investigation conducted by an MSP cold case team. Police have stated that McCann has been a person of interest in the murder of Jodi Parrack since the […]

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Miranda Rights Exception – Federal judge rules statements by “Underwear Bomber” admissible without Miranda warnings

On Christmas day, 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up an airplane headed to Detroit, Michigan. He had explosives hidden in his underwear, which earned him the nickname “Underwear Bomber.” This terrorist was unsuccessful at detonating the explosives and he was immediately taken into police custody and interrogated. During this interrogation, the terrorist made […]

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Miranda Warnings – Age Must Be Considered in Interrogations, Supreme Court Rules.

If you watch cop shows or lawyer shows on TV, you’ve heard the phrase, “You have the right to remain silent.” This warning is part of the Miranda warnings that police officers must give to someone who: (1) is in custody, and (2) is being interrogated.  It is based on a suspect’s Fifth Amendment Constitutional […]

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