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Legislation To Allow Forced Drug Intervention For Addicts in Michigan? (Part 1)

  Doug Chapman, a sergeant with the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Department, and his long-time partner, Molly are the couple behind a campaign to change state law. Specifically, the part of state legislation that deals with allowing family members and loved ones to intervene when someone is struggling with addiction.   Molly’s daughter, who Chapman served […]

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Northern Michigan Drug Trafficking Ring

Two Men Arrested in Detroit Two men who police say are connected to a large scale drug trafficking organization in northern Michigan, were arrested in Detroit recently. Although no one knows yet what charges they will face, it is suspected that they will be substantial, both in number and severity.

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Lansing Drug Dealer Sentenced in Heroin Death

Kiefer Olger, a 27-year-old Lansing resident and self-professed full time drug dealer, was recently sentenced in the Ingham County Circuit Court for causing a man’s death. According to the prosecutor, it was Olger’s heroin that killed 20-year-old Jonathan Singer, which is why he is considered to be guilty of murder.

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Bay County Heroin Charges

Routine Traffic Stop Ends With Heroin Charges When Dannielle V. Crispin was pulled over by a State Trooper in late September, it was a simple routine traffic stop. The trooper had been traveling behind her Buick sedan, when he noticed that the vehicle had a defective brake light. He ran the plates and discovered that […]

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Jackson Dad Brings Kids Along for Drug Deal

Arrested With 1-year-old in Arms After Drug Deal Bring your kids to work day – a well loved tradition in recent American history that many children, and even some parents, look forward to. On the third Thursday of April every year, millions of Americans participate, bringing their children into their workplaces to allow for a […]

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Bay County Couple Sentenced For Smuggling Heroin Into Jail

24-year-old Christopher J. Obermiller and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Tara L. Schupback have both been sentenced to serve jail time for smuggling heroin into the Bay County Jail. The pair accepted plea deals back in August, when Obermiller pleaded guilty to conspiracy to furnish contraband to a prisoner, which is a felony, and Schupback pleaded guilty […]

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Detroit Based Heroin Ring Busted

Final Arrest Made in Inter-state Heroin Trafficking Operation The final person said to be involved in an inter-state heroin trafficking ring based out of Detroit, has been arrested and is in custody. Kevin Perino Foy Jr., of Detroit, MI was arrested last week in Michigan on warrants out of Kentucky. In the first half of […]

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