Northern Michigan Drug Trafficking Ring

Two Men Arrested in Detroit

Two men who police say are connected to a large scale drug trafficking organization in northern Michigan, were arrested in Detroit recently. Although no one knows yet what charges they will face, it is suspected that they will be substantial, both in number and severity.

Police records show that the investigation that led to these arrests has been ongoing for several years now. The investigation centered on a ring of drug traffickers transporting heroin and crack cocaine between northern Michigan and Detroit.

One of the arrests took place in Detroit, at a home on Cadillac Boulevard, at about 5 in the morning. The other was made while the suspect was out walking around. Detectives and officers from both the Grand Traverse County and the Western Wayne Narcotics Enforcement Team were on the scene at the time. The two men were taken into custody without incident.

According to people who live in the surrounding neighborhood, police cars sat outside the house for hours while detectives searched the scene and collected evidence. They are alleged to have found heroin, cash, packaging bags for portioning drugs, and a handgun.

Lt. Daniel King with the Michigan State Police Traverse Narcotics team told the media that the two men were suspected of transporting over 50 grams of heroin at a time into northern Michigan. “They’re runners,” he explained, “so for every one gram of heroin, there’s 10 doses.” So all in all, they were suspected of transporting about 500 doses of heroin into the northern part of the state with every trip.

The two men were transported to the MSP Metro post, and from there they were moved to northern Michigan, where they will likely stand trial for drug trafficking. Because the men have not been formally charged, there is no word on exactly what charges they will face, but officers are saying that they expect each man to face at least a dozen counts of felony drug charges.

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