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Category Archives: Hate Crime

What You Need to Know About Michigan’s Newly Formed Hate Crimes Unit

Michigan has a new Governor, and a new Attorney General. And with new faces in positions of power, comes changes in how we track and prosecute crimes here in the Great Lakes state. Just last month, the state Department of Civil Rights Director, Agustin Arbulu, announced that his department plans to start tracking all incidents […]

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Detroit Man Charged With LGBTQ Hate Crime

  26-year-old Jason Hogan, a resident of Detroit, is accused of committing a hate crime against an LGBTQ person, along with other firearms charges. The reason for the hate crime change in addition, is because Thornton is alleged to have shot a transgender woman in the face after engaging in a voluntary sexual act with […]

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Student Arrested for “Terror Threats” Against SVSU Students

Terror Threats Posted on Yik Yak This particular case is a classic example of two very important things. First, the fact that things are rarely what they seem, and second, that terror threats, regardless of whether or not they were made in jest, are always taken seriously by law enforcement.

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Charlevoix County “Revenge Porn” Case

Bloomfield Hills Man Charged for Posting “Revenge Porn” 25-year-old Andrew Forbes Roche of Bloomfield Hills is facing a single felony count for allegedly posting images known as ‘revenge porn’ of his ex girlfriend. He is said to have posted the images along with the woman’s full identity and contact information.

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Detroit Mob Beating Update

One Attacker Accepts Plea Deal  A suspect in the brutal beating of Steve Utash, the man who accidently hit a child with his car in Detroit, has accepted a plea deal in exchange for testifying at the trial against the other three defendants facing charges. 18-year-old Bruce Wimbush Jr. pled guilty to assault with intent […]

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Detroit Gay Pride Festival Beating

Suspect Arrested in Assault Christian Howard, a 20-year-old hairdresser from Detroit, was attacked and beaten during Detroit’s 2014 Motor City Gay Pride Festival last weekend. According to the cell phone video that captured the event, there were as many as seven male attackers who punched and kicked him for about a minute before running away. […]

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Detroit Man Beaten by Mob

Multiple Arrests for Assault Driving through Detroit’s East side, Steve Utash was on his way home from his job as a tree trimmer, when a 10 year old child ran out in front of his car. Utash wasn’t able to stop in time and hit the child by accident. Concerned, he stopped his car and […]

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