Hire Hitman? was really an undercover officer- Diane Marie Hart, and Vicky Lynn Brill, sentenced to prison. Michigan criminal defense lawyer 1-866-7nojail

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Attempt to Hire Hitman lands Michigan Women in Prison

Hire Hitman? No…He Was Actually an Undercover Officer Diane Marie Hart, 45, from Ravenna, MI, and her older sister, Vicky Lynn Brill, 50, have both been sentenced to prison for attempting to hire a hitman to kill Hart’s husband. The hitman, as it turned out, was an undercover Michigan state police officer. He recorded the […]

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MI Criminal Charges – Michigan State Football Player Charged For Role In Theft Ring

Ten young men from the Metro Detroit area have been named as prime suspects in a theft ring targeting Detroit Public Schools. Among the accused is Dion Sims, a sophomore football player for Michigan State University.

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MI Criminal Charges – Former GM Engineer Arrested For Intellectual Property Theft

Police recently arrested a former General Motors engineer and her husband for attempting to sell intellectual property secrets to Chinese auto makers regarding the design of hybrid cars.

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MI Conspiracy Charges – Marquette Woman Charged With Conspiracy for Stamos Cocaine Photos

A Marquette woman and her boyfriend are currently facing conspiracy and extortion charges after trying to receive a monetary sum from actor John Stamos in exchange for incriminating pictures of the “Full House” star. While the defendants insist the photos exist, the prosecution isn’t as convinced, ultimately leading to the criminal charges against them.

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