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Weed is Legal in Michigan! So What Now? (Pt 2)

  Welcome back and thanks for joining us for this Q and A session about the changes going into effect now that Michigan residents voted to legalize recreational marijuana. As we pointed out in our previous article, the new law may have been voted in, but it doesn’t go into effect for about another month, […]

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Weed is Legal in Michigan! So What Now? (Pt 1)

  Michigan has become the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational marijuana. But what exactly does that mean for you? How much counts as “recreational,” and how much tips it over the edge into drug dealing? Where can you consume it, and how old do you have to be? There are a lot […]

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Michigan State Police Crime Lab Lawsuit: Were Results Falsified in Marijuana Cases?

It all began with a simple lab policy which said that when analyzing medical marijuana, techs at the MSP crime lab should treat any and all THC that they are not absolutely certain comes from a plant, as synthetic. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? Wrong. Because while the average person may not care […]

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Texas Arrests Two Michigan Women for Marijuana Possession

  Michigan and Texas have very different views about marijuana. And by “different”, we mean “practically irreconcilable”. After all, while medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, and small quantities have been decriminalized in certain cities around the state, Texas has retained it’s zero tolerance policy for marijuana in any form.

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An Apple for the Teacher….or a Pot Cookie….

While giving an apple to your teacher may be the quintessential gift, nowadays most people tend to give flowers, chocolates, or gift cards to Starbucks. But one Birmingham teenager is accused of giving a far more controversial gift to his high school teacher – a cookie laced with marijuana. And as a result he is […]

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Racial Disparities in Marijuana Arrests

What about Michigan Marijuana Arrests? When Colorado legalized marijuana, one of the issues they had hoped would be resolved was the problem of racial disparities in drug-related marijuana arrests. But even now, with pot completely legal throughout their state, the problem of race in drug prosecution persists.

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More Michigan Cities Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

In November 2014, five Michigan cities voted to decriminalize possession of marijuana. The cities are Berkley, Huntington Woods, Mount Pleasant, Port Huron, and Saginaw.  These are just the most recent additions to a long list of cities making a change to their marijuana laws. Michigan has a lengthy history of decriminalizing marijuana possession, starting with Ann […]

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Mt. Pleasant Marijuana Law Change

Approval of Marijuana Proposal Won’t Change Police Policy Last month, Mt. Pleasant residents voted to change the city charter in regards to marijuana. The code of ordinances no longer applies to transfer or possession of marijuana under one ounce. That is, as long as it occurs on private property by individuals over age 21.

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Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges in Minnesota

62-year-old Richard Jay Barbour of Spring Lake is looking at a very long time in prison in the not too distant future. And while the drug charges are primarily the result of a drug that is quasi-legal in his home state, Barbour was not in Michigan at the time of his arrest. He was in […]

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St Ignace Band Director Facing Marijuana Charges

Stephanie Terpening, the band director for St Ignace High School, is facing criminal charges for allegedly growing and selling marijuana, along with other drug related charges. Not many details have been released about the events that led to Terpening’s arrest. Media sources were told that police pulled a man over on several felony warrants, and […]

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