Seaholm High School student Kyle Ramsey gave a pot cookie to his teacher, and now faces felony drug charges. Michigan drug defense lawyers 866-766-5245

An Apple for the Teacher….or a Pot Cookie….

While giving an apple to your teacher may be the quintessential gift, nowadays most people tend to give flowers, chocolates, or gift cards to Starbucks. But one Birmingham teenager is accused of giving a far more controversial gift to his high school teacher – a cookie laced with marijuana. And as a result he is now facing felony charges.

18-year-old Kyle Ramsey is being charged with felony drug delivery charges because of the pot cookie. According to the prosecution, even though he didn’t sell the marijuana, Ramsey is being charged as if he did. This is because under Michigan law, sharing a drug with someone still counts as delivering it to them, even if you weren’t paid.

According to the prosecution, Ramsey gave his teacher the pot cookie on March 4th. A short time late, the teacher became sick and was transported to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where toxicology reports confirmed THC in his system. Although he was released later that same day, it was several days before he returned to work.

He told reporters recently that Ramsey is a great kid

But Ramsey’s defense attorney thinks this is all a bit much for a kid who has no criminal record, is finishing up his senior year in high school, and works part time at Little Caesars. He told reporters recently that Ramsey is a great kid who has his life in order and plans to start college in the fall.

However, courtesy of this incident, Ramsey is no longer attending school at Seaholm High, where he gave his teacher the pot cookie. Instead, he is finishing up his final year at a local Tri-County Educational Center.

At his recent arraignment in the 48th District Court, Ramsey pled not guilty to the charge and Judge Diane D’Agostini set his bail at $10,000. She also ordered him to wear a tether so that his whereabouts could be monitored at all times. In addition, Ramsey was given a 7 pm curfew and told to have no contact with the teacher in question, or the school.

His preliminary exam was scheduled for May 4th. If convicted, Ramsey is looking at the possibility of up to four years in prison and fines as high as $20,000.

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