Weed is Legal in Michigan! So What Now? (Pt 1)

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan – but that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all!


Michigan has become the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational marijuana. But what exactly does that mean for you? How much counts as “recreational,” and how much tips it over the edge into drug dealing? Where can you consume it, and how old do you have to be? There are a lot of questions, and people are concerned because they don’t want to make a mistake that’ll get them into trouble.


So we’re going to answer as many of your questions as we can on the subject. You’re welcome. Let’s begin with the understanding that pot is still unlawful under our federal law. Anyone possessing, consuming, selling or manufacturing weed in Michigan can still be charged with a drug crime under our federal law.


Answers to your questions about the legalization of recreational weed in Michigan:


Q: How soon does this new state law take effect?

A: According to Michigan’s Constitution, the new law takes effect “10 days after the date of the official declaration of the vote.” However, until the election is certified by the Board of State Canvassers, that won’t happen. And how long does that take, you wonder? About three weeks. So all in all, it’s going to be about mid December of 2018 before legalized pot goes into effect.


Q: Who can use recreational marijuana in Michigan?

A: Anyone over the age of 21. People under the age of 21 are not allowed to have, use, buy, grow, or keep marijuana in any quantity, for any reason.


Q: How much marijuana can one person have?

A: Each legal user is allowed to have up to 2.5 ounces with them in public, and an additional 10 ounces that they keep at home for personal use. They can also have up to 12 marijuana plants, however they must be careful to grow them in a place where they can’t be seen from the outside.


Q: Are there still things you won’t be able to do?

A: Yes indeed. Several things, in fact. Let’s take a look:


  • Pot may be legal, but driving under the influence is still against the law! So if you plan to light up (or enjoy a “funny brownie”) once the new law goes into effect, be sure to get a ride or call an Uber, because you can still be charged with drugged driving, which is considered to be a very serious crime in Michigan!


  • Selling or providing pot to people who are under the age of 21 is against the law and you could get into a lot of trouble for it! So whether it’s your teenage kids, your younger friends, or just underage coworkers who want you to “hook them up” don’t do it! The criminal charges against you could be steep!


  • Consume marijuana in a public place. Think about Michigan’s open intoxication laws – you can’t just walk down the street with a beer, and in the same way, you won’t be able to just talk stroll down the road with a joint.


  • You can’t have marijuana, or any marijuana related accessories with you if you’re on the grounds of a school or school bus, where children from pre-K to 12 grade go to school, or on the grounds of any correctional facility (jail or prison).


The issue of marijuana use can be somewhat confusing!


During this time of transition, there is likely to be a lot of confusion. People may end up misunderstanding the changes in the law, or making assumptions about how these changes will be implemented. And this often leads to bad choices. So if this sounds like your situation, and you or a loved one need legal help with a marijuana-related situation, or a situation relating to any drug, call The Kronzek Firm today at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail).


Our highly respected and experienced drug defense attorneys have spent decades helping people all over Michigan’s lower peninsula fight drug charges. We understand what’s at stake here, and know how to help you achieve the best results in your drug case here in Michigan. Also, don’t forget to come back next time for the wrap up on this Q and A session about the legalization of marijuana in Michigan.


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