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Livingston County Judge Serving Time in Jail – For Felony Perjury!

When people make bad choices in their careers, other people can be quite vicious in their judgement about it. But when the people making the poor choices are judges, police officers, teachers, priests, or anyone else who is held aloft as an example of someone who “should have known better”, the public response can be […]

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Former Flint Police Chief Facing Criminal Charges?

James Tolbert, the former Police Chief for the city of Flint, was forced to resign during the height of the Flint Water Crisis. But as it turns out, that was the least of his concerns. New information has come to light according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. They implicate Tolbert in the wrongful conviction […]

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Bay City, MI Asbestos Related Jury Trial Set to Begin Today

Asbestos Removal Results in Federal Charges The conversion of a former church into a charter school in Bay City, Michigan has resulted in asbestos-related criminal charges being brought against three men who were involved in the renovation project. The jury trial begins today in a Bay City federal courthouse before U.S. District Judge Thomas L. […]

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