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Medical Marijuana Supporters In Michigan Concerned About New ‘Drugged Driving’ Proposal

Michigan Legislature Addresses “Drugged Driving” Just a few days ago the House Judiciary Committee took testimony on a three-bill package to address “drugged driving”. The new proposal would require that driving while under the influence of a controlled substance, for example: medical marijuana, would be subject to the same testing requirements as drunk driving. Currently […]

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Joseph Ford Trial Under Way – Drunk Driving Causing Death Conviction May Lead to Prison Sentence

Michigan Drunk Driving Causing Death Trial Late last year, on the night of October 10th, Joseph Ford joined friends at the Florentine Pizzeria Ristorante & Sports Lounge in Grand Rapids, MI. According to the bartenders working that night, Ford drank 4 beers and 4 ‘Jagerbombs’. They also observed that his pupils looked misshapen. One of […]

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Man Facing Battle Creek Drunk Driving Charges After Stealing City-Owned Car

Tad McCrumb, an inspector from the City of Battle Creek Engineering Department, pulled up to the intersection of Fountain Street and Capitol Avenue on Wednesday to check on work progress. New traffic signals were being replaced and he had stopped by to see how the work was coming. He parked behind a cement truck and […]

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Driver in need of Kalamazoo Drunk Driving Attorney

Michigan Man Crashes Car Into Unsuspecting Victims Home A Michigan man is going to be looking for a good Kalamazoo Drunk Driving Attorney.  On Friday April 11th, in the very early hours of morning, five college roommates were suddenly woken up by a loud boom. They searched for the source of the noise, only to […]

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Michigan Drunk Driving Crackdown Underway!

Statewide Drunk Driving Crackdown In Michigan Law enforcement agencies in 26 counties are cracking down on Michigan drunk driving activity. Extra patrols are already on the roads, and will continue through April 7th. 144 law enforcement agencies across the state, including MSP Troopers, sheriff’s deputies and city police officers, will be involved in this effort […]

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Michigan Court of Appeals Holds Michigan Operating With the Presence of Drugs Includes Medical Marijuana

The Michigan Court of Appeals recently decided the case of People v. Koon. In the case, the defendant was a medical marijuana patient who was stopped by the police while driving. A blood test determined that he had active THC in his body. He was charged with Operating With the Presence of Drugs (OWPD), a […]

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Michigan Drug Law – Illegal Narcotic Checkpoints in Genesee County

Are Genesee County Narcotic Checkpoints Constitutional? Sobriety checkpoints on the road have been ruled to be unconstitutional in Michigan. That hasn’t stopped Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell from warning motorists in the last few weeks that there is a “sheriff’s narcotic checkpoint” ahead. It is suspected that any such narcotics checkpoints do not actually exist, […]

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Top Criminal Attorneys Applaud US Supreme Court Ruling, Reinforcing Sixth Amendment

All top criminal attorneys applaud the recent ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, reaffirming a defendant’s right to confront accusers in person during a criminal trial.

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MI Gun Charges – Ex-Michigan House Speaker Arrested For Gun Possession

Only two weeks after being sentenced to six months probation for a previous impaired driving charge, former Michigan Speaker of the House Craig DeRoche has been arrested on gun charges after a family member reported that he was in possession of a firearm and intoxicated.

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