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I Have A Warrant Out For my Arrest in Michigan? (Part 2)

  Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for this discussion on arrest warrants in Michigan. In the previous article we discussed the types of warrants that exist here in Michigan, and what it means when there’s a warrant out for your arrest. If you’re just joining us now we recommend you take a […]

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I Have A Warrant Out For my Arrest in Michigan? (Part 1)

  Wondering if there’s a warrant out for your arrest is something that many of us Michigan residents have worried about at one time or another. It isn’t a good feeling, and it can add a lot of stress to life’s daily activities. Added to that is the confusion that comes from not really understanding […]

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Is The Second Amendment Going to be Repealed?

  There have been many reactions to the rising number of school shootings, both here in Michigan, and around the country. Everything from increased mental health checks to arming teachers has been suggested. But one retired Supreme Court Justice has a different solution to offer – he says we should repeal the second amendment!   […]

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Is Arming Michigan’s Teacher’s The Answer? 3 Teachers Try it Out!

  In the wake of the most recent mass shooting in a Florida school, and some threats of similar violence here in Michigan that have followed, legislators are looking for solutions. However, coming up with ways to deter the threat of violence in our schools is a major challenge, and one that has caused a […]

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Cyberbullying Might Soon be a Crime in Michigan!

  We live in a digital age, and our lives have evolved to reflect that. Crimes are committed online, games are played online, affairs are started online, and friendships are sustained online. We live our lives in a partially digital reality, and it’s evident in every aspect of what we do. From dating apps to […]

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After 20 Years in Prison, This Juvenile Lifer May be Set Free!

  In 2012, our United States Supreme Court ruled that sentencing a minor to life in prison without possible parole was unconstitutional. It was a revolutionary position to take. Then, four years later in 2016, they revisited the issue and ruled that all ‘juvenile lifers’ be resentenced. Any minors in the U.S. serving life sentences […]

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You Can’t Punish People For Choosing To Go To Trial!

  Exercising your right to go to trial instead of simply accepting whatever plea bargain is offered is a vital part of the American judicial system. And despite the fact that trials cost the state considerably more money than a plea hearing and then a sentencing hearing, and takes far more time, it is still […]

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Digital Crimes Leave Digital Breadcrumbs… For Cops to Follow!

  You might feel alone, sitting in the dark in your house, with no one else around. But if you’re online, whatever you’re doing can be traced back to you. It’s a fact that many people in Michigan forget while they’re committing crimes with their computers. Whether it’s downloading child pornography, looking up instructions to […]

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Handling Other People’s Money Daily Can Make Stealing it Seem Easy!

  There isn’t a week that goes by without a story making headlines about someone who embezzled money from their workplace. But why?. Why would someone steal money that isn’t theirs, when the chances of getting caught are so high? Surely they don’t want to go to prison, do they? Well, of course they don’t […]

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Van Buren County’s New Diversion Program Will Help Young Offenders!

  Things are about to change for certain young people in Van Buren County, Michigan. In the past, if you commited a crime, it was likely to stick around on your record indefinitely. And while juvenile records are usually sealed from public view, that doesn’t mean they’re inaccessible! However, a new program proposed by the […]

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