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Legalizing Marijuana in Michigan Will be on The November Ballot

  Some people were sad to hear that the Michigan State legislature chose not to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana recently. But not the pro-pot movement. Odd as that may sound, many people and coalitions that are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana in the Great Lakes State were actually glad the issue didn’t get […]

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Convicted of a Crime? Your Victims Now Have The Right to Confront You in Court!

  A new piece of legislation in Michigan has been signed into law here in Michigan, which addresses the issue of victim impact statements. Up until now, while victims of crimes were allowed to make victim impact statements to the court, the convicted defendant has not been required to listen to their statement. (Unless being […]

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Michigan’s New Opioid Laws, And How They Could Affect You!

  At the end of 2017, a 10 bill package was signed into law aimed at addressing Michigan’s growing opioid addiction problem. Our new opiod drug laws took effect just days ago on June 1, 2018. They change the way doctors here in Michigan can prescribe pain medication to patients. Curious about what the new […]

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Genesee County’s “Fake Cops” Facing Felony Charges

  Every now and then you see someone posing as a cop as part of the story line in a TV show or movie. They get a costume, flash a fake badge, and get the information they need before disappearing off to do other things. There are never any repercussions. No one ever comes after […]

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What Are Analog Drugs And Why do They Matter in Michigan?

  Most people, when you say the word “drugs” think about marijuana, cocaine or heroin. But the term ‘analogue drugs” doesn’t come up in everyday conversation for most people. In fact, ask the average person on the street what an analogue drug is, and they’ll probably have no idea. That’s certainly been our experience. And […]

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Why Would Someone Need a Psychological Evaluation Before a Trial?

  Our criminal defense lawyers get asked this question relatively regularly, about why anyone would need to have a psychological evaluation done before going to trial. It’s actually an interesting subject, and so we’ve decided to explain to our readers in the hopes that it answers a few of your questions, and maybe clears up […]

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Confused About Motor Vehicle Crimes in Michigan? Let’s take a look. (Pt 2)

  Welcome back and thanks for joining us here at The Kronzek Firm for this second part of our discussion on motor vehicle crimes. Because the title is a little vague, and numerous different crimes fall under the umbrella of ‘motor vehicle crimes‘ in Michigan, we thought we’d take a minute to clear this up […]

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Confused About Motor Vehicle Crimes in Michigan? Let’s take a look. (Pt 1)

  The term ‘motor vehicle crimes’, much like ‘sex crimes’ and ‘drug crimes’ covers a wide range of subjects. That can result in a lot of confusion for lots of people here in Michigan, especially when the crimes themselves are so varied. So just like our break down on ‘computer crime’ last week, we’ve decided […]

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What’s up With Michigan’s Possible New Forfeiture Laws?

  If you’ve been reading the news lately here in Michigan, you’ve probably noticed that civil forfeiture is back in the limelight. Specifically, Michigan’s new civil forfeiture laws. Since this is such a heatedly debated subject, people feel very strongly about the new proposed changes that have been introduced. Yet, despite all the controversy, what […]

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Confused About Computer Crime in Michigan? Let’s Take a Look…

  ‘Computer crimes’ is a very vague description. The only thing that’s obvious about it, is that whatever crimes are being alluded to, require the use of a computer. However, that could be almost anything these days. From hacking and fraud, to child pornography, there’s a huge number of crimes that fall under the umbrella […]

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