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Court Appointed Attorneys – Often NOT a Good Choice!

  You’ve heard it a thousand times before on TV shows and in movies when cops Mirandize a suspect… “If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.” But what isn’t included in that overview of a defendant’s right to counsel, is the fact that statistics prove that their court appointed attorney […]

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Top Criminal Attorneys Applaud US Supreme Court Ruling, Reinforcing Sixth Amendment

All top criminal attorneys applaud the recent ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, reaffirming a defendant’s right to confront accusers in person during a criminal trial.

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Top Criminal Attorneys in Michigan Look to Improve State Public Defense System

According to the rights we enjoy as Americans, those accused of criminal charges are entitled to legal defense by top criminal attorneys. If the defendant is unable to afford one, then a court-appointed attorney will be provided. While having some representation rather than none is clearly a better option, top criminal attorneys know that the […]

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MI State Law – Michigan Supreme Court Disregards Court-Appointed Attorney Lawsuit

In a 4-3 decision handed down by the Michigan Supreme Court, a lawsuit claiming that poorer people receive inadequate representation from court-appointed attorneys was dismissed. The suit was attempting to change the way that people with lower incomes are represented in the legal system statewide.

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