Advocacy groups and top criminal attorneys in Michigan are taking an aggressive approach to fixing the state public defender system, which is considered among the worst in the nation.

Top Criminal Attorneys in Michigan Look to Improve State Public Defense System

According to the rights we enjoy as Americans, those accused of criminal charges are entitled to legal defense by top criminal attorneys. If the defendant is unable to afford one, then a court-appointed attorney will be provided. While having some representation rather than none is clearly a better option, top criminal attorneys know that the legal services provided by public defenders in Michigan is seriously lacking. There are many examples of convictions that are overturned because a court-appointed attorney did not provide adequate representation before, during, and after trial. Some of this can be avoided when a defendant pays to hire Michigan’s best defense lawyers.

Defense Lawyers Compile Book of Defendants Bad Experiences with Public Defendors

Looking to change the failing public defender system in Michigan, several defense lawyers have compiled a book of stories depicting the experiences of defendants who were failed by their court-appointed attorneys. In practically every case noted in the book the “…defense counsel did not have the time or resources to investigate charges against his or her client or to prepare adequately for trial.”

The Campaign for Justice, an advocacy group that includes the American Civil Liberties Union, is working hard to build support for new bills in Michigan that would move to help improve the public defense system, which is currently run by the counties. If passed, the legislation would create a commission to study the system and recommend changes with the ultimate goal of creating a statewide system that provides money and basic standards for court-appointed attorneys. “Michigan has abdicated its constitutional responsibilities,” explained Robin Dalhberg, a representative of the ACLU. “It delegates its public defense obligations to its counties but takes no steps to ensure that the counties meet these obligations.”

All retained top criminal lawyers in Michigan (particularly those at The Kronzek Firm) are deeply concerned with the floundering public defense system. Inadequate resources and counsel have caused several innocent Michigan citizens to be incarcerated for no reason, ultimately barring defendants from receiving total justice. Fortunately, advocacy groups such as the Campaign for Justice and concerned defense lawyers are working hard to ensure that every person accused of criminal charges receive a skilled and knowledgeable attorney, even if they are court-appointed. This way, each American will be able to properly defend his or her personal rights and freedoms.

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