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Northern Michigan Drug Trafficking Ring

Two Men Arrested in Detroit Two men who police say are connected to a large scale drug trafficking organization in northern Michigan, were arrested in Detroit recently. Although no one knows yet what charges they will face, it is suspected that they will be substantial, both in number and severity.

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Stop in for Gas and a Crack Cocaine Kit

Apparently, up until very recently, it was possible to stop at a particular gas station in Detroit to top up your car’s gas tank, and purchase a “starter kit” for crack cocaine use. Odd as that may sound, it appears to be true. And until Detroit Police Chief James Craig, working in concert with the […]

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Cocaine and Cash – Never a Good Mix

Bailing your friend out of jail could be chalked up as a “good deed”. Unwittingly handing a cop your cocaine, however, is not so good, and will likely land you in a world of trouble, as one Clinton Township man recently discovered when paying a police officer with what can only be called “dirty money.”

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