Stop in for Gas and a Crack Cocaine Kit

Apparently, up until very recently, it was possible to stop at a particular gas station in Detroit to top up your car’s gas tank, and purchase a “starter kit” for crack cocaine use. Odd as that may sound, it appears to be true. And until Detroit Police Chief James Craig, working in concert with the Mayor, had the place shut down, many people availed themselves of this handy “crack kit”.

According to Detroit Police records, the gas station’s rather unusual sale item came to light during a recent series of raids that targeted heroin. This led police to information about the kits being sold at the John R. Gas & Mart, located at 15 W. Eight Mile in Detroit.

Each kit came complete with a glass pipe for smoking, a wad of steel wool which is used to filter the impurities out of the crack cocaine while smoking, a lighter, and a small brown paper bag, akin to those used by mothers the world over to pack school lunches.

After the discovery of the kits, Police Chief Craig made the public announcement that he intended to have the gas station shut down. 24 hours, later, he was successful. According to a message on the Detroit Police Department’s Facebook Page, “Police Chief James E. Craig within 24 hrs worked in conjunction with the Mayor’s office of the city of Detroit to have the gas station shut down!”

Currently, the gas station has a yellow “business closure” notice taped to one of it’s inside windows. The paper, dated July 22nd, claims that the gas station is forbidden from operating until it is in compliance with Detroit’s business license requirements.

Where Are The Charges?

There is no other information regarding criminal charges of any sort being brought in this case. Thus far, it is unknown if the owner was in any way aware of, or complicit in, the sale of these “crack kits”, or if it was simply one or two employees attempting to make a little extra cash under the table.

The truth is, this isn’t the first time in human history that a person could purchase items from a gas station for the purpose of taking drugs. Cheap socks sold at gas stations are frequently used by “huffers” to inhale spray paint fumes, single stem roses come in little glass tubes that make very serviceable crack pipes, and the shoelaces sold at convenience stores are regularly used by intravenous drug users to tie off an arm and raise a vein.

When the police find drug paraphernalia, they start looking around for drugs. Then there are often arrests shortly thereafter. If you, or someone you love, is being investigated or arrested for any type of drug use—crack cocaine included—call us.  We can help you fight the charges.  866-766-5245.

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