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Will I Face Criminal Charges If I Take My Overdosing Friend To Hospital?

Saving a life is more important than prosecuting a drug user


Imagine this… You’re at a party with a group of friends. You’re all drinking, hanging out, and laughing about something ridiculous. And then the bong comes out. Everyone smokes a little weed, and you join in. And now someone’s handing out pills. What are they? “Oh, something that’ll make you feel amazing!” So you take one, but after a moment you decide to take it later, when your high is wearing off, as an end of party pick-me-up. But a few of your friends aren’t as forward thinking. Some of those friends take the pills and wash it down with a beer.


It starts out as a joke…


“Oh my God, Bobby’s so high!” It’s hilarious. He slumps in the chair, making random pronouncements that have nothing to do with anything, but they’re so funny! And then his eyelids droop and within minutes he’s passed out. But after a while someone sits down next to him, and notices that he’s hot to the touch. And suddenly Bobby’s shaking uncontrollably and his jaw is clenched. He’s seizing, and you realize that if he doesn’t get medical attention immediately, he’s going to overdose and die! You’re scared.


But it gets serious very quickly!


It’s an unfortunate dilemma that has cost many people their lives over the years – wanting to get help for a friend who’s taken too much cocaine, meth, heroin or oxycodone, but wanting to avoid criminal charges. It makes sense. No one wants to go to prison for trying to save someone’s life, and thankfully, here in Michigan, while that used to be a very real possibility, you no longer have to risk jail. You can get the person the medical attention they need without risking your freedom.


Michigan’s Good Samaritan law protects helpers.


Prior to the good samaritan law making it onto Michigan’s books in 2017, the only other law of its kind was one that protected minors from prosecution in alcohol-related medical emergencies. Now however, anyone in Michigan seeking help for themselves or others for a drug overdose can do so without fear of prosecution. And while it may seem strange to want to protect underaged drug users from prosecution,  if it means the difference between saving someone’s life and leaving them to die, it’ll be worth it. People from Grand Rapids and from Lansing, over to Ann Arbor and across to Port Huron have taken advantage of our good samaritan law. Lives are being saved thankfully.


Michigan’s drug-related charges have very harsh penalties!


Drug charges in Michigan are taken very seriously, and the penalties are incredibly harsh. With that in mind, it’s difficult to imagine anyone being willing to risk decades behind bars to save a friend who willingly participated in recreational drug use. Before the law was passed, very few were tough enough to brave the possible consequences in order to save a life, and many people died. Now, thank goodness, that never needs to happen in Michigan again.


Have you been charged with a drug crime in Michigan?

Whether you were reporting drug use to save someone’s life, or are accused of possessing or selling drugs, you’re going to need an aggressive and respected criminal defense attorney on your side. Don’t wait and hope that this will go away, or clear up on it’s own. That almost never happens. Call us today at 866-766-5245. The aggressive drug defense attorneys at the Kronzek Firm are available 24/7 to help you deal with your fight.


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