MI Kidnapping Charges – Michigan Ex-Con Taken Into Custody For Attempted Abductions and Rape Charges

Experienced criminal defense lawyers in Michigan cannot help but notice an unfortunate trend: many individuals convicted of criminal charges become repeat offenders. They quickly find themselves back in the system facing a complex legal process. Even more tragic is the fact that most of these people were first charged as juveniles, and then again as adults, not successfully benefitting from the rehabilitation process. An example of such a person is one Michigan man with an extensive criminal history who was recently arrested by police for kidnaping and sexual assault.

Over the weekend, Terrance Dawson, 33, allegedly attempted to abduct four women and raped one of them during a three-hour period in a Benton Harbor neighborhood. The hysterical victims, ranging in age from 14 to 30 years-old, were able to tell law enforcement officials that their attacker drove a Chevrolet Lumina. After a search assisted by the community at large, police discovered Dawson in his vehicle and he was charged with four counts of kidnapping in Michigan, criminal sexual conduct, assault with a gun, and felony use of a firearm.

According to law enforcement officials, Dawson approached three of the women while they walked on the sidewalk near the intersection of Pipestone Street and Britain Avenue. The suspect supposedly confronted the fourth victim in an alley around town.

Dawson has had an extensive criminal history

Looking into court documents, it was easy for police to see Dawson’s extensive criminal history in Michigan. As a juvenile, the courts convicted him of assault with intent to rob, and in 2008 he pled guilty to a charge of domestic violence. Dawson was sentenced to a significant probationary period, during which he was required to attend anger management class and a substance abuse program. Although police are still investigating the intricate details of Dawson’s most recent arrest, it is certainly a possibility that the severity of the punishments against him will be increased as a result of his previous criminal history.

As seen by the example of Terrance Dawson, facing any number of criminal charges is difficult for any person to experience, but particularly so for those who are repeat offenders. Courts, juries, and judges generally do not react as sympathetically to a defendant for the second offense as they would for the first. Because of this, the punishments tend to be stricter and more intense. If you have found yourself in this situation, it is essential pro-actively seek the best legal defense for your case. Getting in touch with hard-working and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys in Michigan can greatly increase the chances of a positive outcome, ensuring that superior legal advice and legal representation will be used to defend your personal freedoms and liberties.

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